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  1. Aquamin

    Great, thank you!
  2. Nutraw Pistachio Butter

    So Vanilla Bean is OK? Also, the website says it has 2g of sugars; my little tub says it has 1g. That may be a typo but where is the sugar coming from? Thanks.
  3. Nutraw Pistachio Butter

    Hello, I discovered a new product and I'd like to know if it's Whole30 compliant. It's Pistachio Butter + Cashew made by Nutraw Butter. I've included a link to the product. Thanks!
  4. Aquamin

    Bummer but very good to know about the carageenan connection. Looking forward to Melissa's thoughts...
  5. Aquamin

    Hello, I'd like to try out Laird Superfood's creamer. It's dairy-free and unsweetened. It's ingredients are: coconut milk powder, Aquamin (calcium from marine algae), organice extra virgin coconut oil and organic red palm oil. Is Aquamin Whole30 approved? Here's the product description from the site: Thanks.