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  1. I was preparing to start whole30. There is just one problem... it wouldn't be 30 days even if I buy everything tomorrow (Monday) and start cooking (I have a kind of a starting plan for meals, I just didn't have time to cook) I will be able to start on Wednesday, because I won't be home the next two days. And that would still be okay, but I need to leave to college in October. Which means I will leave home and my own kitchen on the 30.09 - and that is when I will be forced to stop the diet. I can't fool myself, when I leave there won't be so much time to cook (I need to study, study, study...), I won't have that much money (poor student) and what's even worse - I won't have fridge to keep the food that I'll cook, if I decide to cook for the whole week in advance. And I can't rely on what the restaurants will bring me (I will be in a "students' city" which will have tons of pizza, kebab and pasta and even if I find something compliant I will not be sure if they won't sneak anything forbidden in it). So it leaves me with 24 days of the challenge. Is it even worth trying? I mean there is a purpose why this is a 30 days diet. I didn't really feel any intolerance, I wanted to start it to get rid of my terrible sugar and diary addiction. Or maybe should I postpone it and now just try to it less sugar?