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  1. I am 52, mother of four ages 24, 22, 20 and 14. I teach preschool and I am everything creative! I have thought, dealt and been obsessed with weight since I can remember! I joined Weight Watchers after college and have come and gone from it ever since. Mind you, I never really needed to lose weight! I just want to feel good, that's the bottom line!! I have discovered that it isn't about how much I weigh, it is about feeling emotionally happy! That is what I want! This summer my new thing has been listening to podcasts. I love Jen Hatmakers "For the Love" podcasts. She speaks to me on sooooo many levels. It was when I was listening to her (and now Im reading her latest book "Of Mess and Moxie") podcasts that I started to really think about, what do I want in this life?? I am also dealing with someone that is very dear to me, and 6 years younger, that is battling leukemia. You start to reevaluate your life when you are thrown into the thick of life and death. I have decided that I really and truly do NOT want my weight to be what makes me happy or sad. I want to enjoy this life and live it to the very fullest as long as I possibly can. To make my long story shorter, I listened to Jen's podcast featuring Melissa Hartwig and the discussion was about Whole30. I thought to myself, maybe there is a food category out there that is not sitting well in my, for the lack of a better way to say it, head! Maybe if I truly ate foods that nurish me, maybe I'll feel better, my joints won't hurt, my energy level will increase. I joined this forum because I also want more like minded people in my life, people that get me and will help me achieve these goals, people that also want what I want. I'm looking for that tribe (as Jen would say :o) )
  2. Include me! I LOVE Jewels honesty, sounds like me! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one sneaking around "getting rid" of stuff. I would like to try Whole 30 again. I Tried it a couple of years ago, by myself, only to fail after a day or so. I Need accountability and support. I just listened to a great podcast that featured Melissa Hartwig (For the Love with Jen love love her!!!) and it reminded me how important it is to feel good inside and out. I'm struggliong with both right now. I have always prided myself on moving with great ease and all the time. I'm not good at sitting still. My problem lately has been joint pain, big time. I'm wondering if it might be triggered by some type of food, sugar perhaps. Anyways, I will begin tomorrow morning September 8th.