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  1. HeatherW-V

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    @HopingtoHeal - thanks. Agreed. Boredom! I work from home so it's easy to stay in and do nothing. Instead, I am going to go for walks and jogs. I don't care for olives, but will definitely try it with kale. I also prefer the breasts and will use those next time - I tried the legs since they were organic and the recipe called for it, but I do think I'll like it the other way better. Thanks for the tip!
  2. HeatherW-V

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    @HopingtoHeal so far, so good. But daytime is always easy for me and it's Day 1 so I am super motivated . It's night-time that gets tough. My sweet tooth hits then I get hungry at night. Since I'm eating three meals a day now (I usually skip breakfast and lunch I sort of graze), I'm hoping that it helps. I made the chicken cacciatore for lunch today and it was really good. I diced my own tomatoes because I couldn't find diced tomatoes with Calcium Chloride - though I've read after my shopping trip it's okay on Whole30. I also only used 2 tablespoons for cooking fat instead of 4 tablespoons and it was fine.
  3. HeatherW-V

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    I thought smoothies were discouraged as well as cocoa powder as a sweetener? It's only allowed for meat rubs, no?
  4. HeatherW-V

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    Galapagos with a lot of yoga and snorkeling (swimming) thrown in. The foods would all be sourced locally/naturally -organic and Whole30 compliant. That or Bora Bora.
  5. HeatherW-V

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Breakfast went well - last night I prepped, so it made it so much easier and faster. I am lucky I don't drink milk or coffee, so it was the usual beautiful morning of green tea (no additives or flavoring) for me. Hubs does drink coffee, so he had it black. He says, "It's alright. It's not killing me." A note - my husband hunts (for food, not for sport) and we eat venison (deer). Well, he took some of it to the meat processor to be made into sausage which I thought would be amazing with his eggs (I don't eat eggs), our avocado and sweet potato; like a hash. Well, last night I was slicing the sausage and I saw it had spices. It smelled amazing, of course, but I was thinking, "Hmmm this seems like SUMMER sausage." Summer sausage has sugar in it and the spices they use - I don't know if they're Whole 30 compliant. Had a total, "OH NO!" moment. Hubs called the place this morning and confirmed - they add sugar. So these beautiful sausages are out for our Whole 30. I'm so bummed. A word to everyone - we usually process our own meat, but this one time it was easier to have the processor do sausages. If you hunt/forage - indicate to your processor NO SUGAR or anything else in what they make for you. I'll be using venison steaks and chopping them finely for some of our breakfasts going forward. Pictured is hubs' first Whole30 - for myself I fried an egg really, really hard and ate, aka choked down the white (I HATE eggs). Adjustments being made going forward. Hope everyone is having a great start to the morning!
  6. HeatherW-V

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    My husband and I start the 11th. So ready!