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  1. tayrex03

    September 18 start date

    I'm a little late to the game on this thread @kirbz but I thought it'd be helpful to give you a little bit insight. My mother is one of the most unhealthy people I know, the first being my stepdad and the others being my extended family. The last Thanksgiving I spent with them (now 2 years ago).. I told my mom I never wanted to join them again because I thought I was going to throw up from watching him eat. I seriously stopped eating the idea of it made me so sick, and I had already had a decent amount of Thanksgiving goodies at this point. Growing up, my dad was always the advocate for knowing how much food you needed at a meal, you had better eat all of it, and treats were in small portions. After that divorce, my mom, my brother and I gained a bunch of weight. I was 14 when I decided enough was enough, and decided to refuse the food my stepdad would bring home. It was all too unhealthy. When I moved to California it made me appreciate fresh food and all of the outdoor activities even more, and that's all I would spend my money on in college. I'm the only one who regularly works out and constantly trying to analyze the way my lifestyle is affecting my moods/well-being. It's not easy, telling people that you won't eat certain things because of the way that it affects your own body. It takes a lot of practice, and some thick skin when it's your own family doing it. I clearly fell off the wagon the last few years (career life + being over 21 = more money = more opportunities = slippery slope), and am trying to get back on it. At this point, I've learned that my happiness and how I feel is way more important than feeling my food habits are accepted by them. In the end, my health and strength makes me happier than their support on the matter. But like I said - that's not easy. Following programs is not easy either. It gets really tiring. Especially because cookies, and ice cream, and chocolate. The way I see it, eat a small dessert here and there when this is over. Eating vegetables and protein and fruit should be the main priority though, and I'll all those crappy additives in most food that are totally unnecessary. Try using the healthier recipes that don't include them. And if you're at a family dinner and you know they added a lot of stuff, eat a really small portion of the bad and more of the good so as not to totally insult them; if necessary make sure you have some veggies stashed away. Seriously, I've eaten carrots and granola in my room while living with my aunt and uncle because I couldn't stomach the dinner they made.
  2. tayrex03

    September 18 start date

    @Mike5858 @Nancy61 @dmrob2009 That's awesome! Way to go both of you I did my first night out with some of the girls last night. Thankfully, I did 90 days sober last fall (gave myself a bit of a reset and focused a lot on goals that seemed to always get pushed to the wayside when people asked me to go out); so when one friend said "You're not drinking again??" I simply responded with "No." The harder part for me was the giant bowl of popcorn in the middle of the table at the bar. Congrats on day 7 to everyone else. Anyone else having food dreams? I used to get these in college when all I ate was fruits, veggies, energy bars and granola, mainly about ice cream. Last night it was sweet potato fries, first dream I've had about food. Thing is, I woke up and thought... I don't even want sweet potato fries. Instead we finished off the leftover crab stuffed cucumbers we made for dinner last night. Now what I really want is to chew a piece of gum while I go for a run this morning. Which isn't all that bad of a craving, that's just a habit I've had for 8 years!
  3. tayrex03

    September 18 start date

    @Brad C I've decided to take the route of 4 smaller meals so that I can get something in before and after a workout, since I've started using my lunch break as gym time. It definitely works well this way and I've actually not been experiencing as many cravings as I thought, I think primarily because those small meals are still filling enough for me. Also, potatoes seem to be working for the carb craving my body gets into.
  4. tayrex03

    September 18 start date

    Glad to hear everyone's positivity after the first couple of days! We did a couple of recipes in the Whole30 cookbook, and I've been making breakfast in the mornings. Everything tastes great! My appetite is waning though, and the idea of eating food isn't exciting to the point where I ask why I am. I remind myself I am pretty active and need food. I really desparately wanted to binge on some cookies after a stressful day at work and with my grad school classes. I refrained knowing that it'd make me feel worse about myself.... even though they're SO good. @DrewMc @AthenaC andTo everyone struggling with that sugar dragon-you may get a kick out of this. I was woken up in the middle of the night (may have been 1 am) by my boyfriend poking my arm and telling me that today was going to be bad. Me, still partly asleep and feigning care for whatever it was asked why. He replied "I need sugar." This literally woke him up in the middle of sleep, at which point he felt the need to tell me.
  5. tayrex03

    September 18 start date

    Hi all! My boyfriend and I are starting the 18th as well. This is our first Whole30, we're hoping to make it count Nice to meet ya'll!