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  1. PennyJane

    September 18 start date

    I'm in that boat too and starting a new job tomorrow ( temping ) the best thing you can do is take care of yourself and it'll all come together ( so they say ! ) good luck and stay in touch !
  2. PennyJane

    September 18 start date

    Hello all, I am also starting tomorrow Sep 18th, too ! I am excited & nervous but mostly excited. I hope I can stick with it. I am 32 YO female , no children just me. Some of my current struggles I would like to improve are : psoriasis, depression, alopecia, and possibly rhumetoid arthritis. The past year I have gotten them all at once so it has been very hard to accept all this at once at age 32. I try to exercise and eat right and drink my water , but want to take it to the next level with the whole 30. good luck to you all ! Excited for this journey. Xo. Penny