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  1. I don't have psoriasis, but I have a skin condition on my face that I think flares up with food. I'm in my second week and it flared up today. It's definitely frustrating.
  2. Aa3405

    blood type diet

    I was interested to know what the Hartwigs thought about the blood type diet. I am blood type B and according to the founder, Dr. Peter D'Adamo, I am supposed to avoid cashews and coconut products. Also some of the foods allowed on his diet are restricted on the initial whole30 food list such as millet. I haven't really followed his diet yet, but I wanted to know how to incorporate the two together. Thanks.
  3. Aa3405

    Positive pregnancy test!!

    Congratulations. So happy for your good news. I'm also looking for similar results! Keeping a positive attitude throughout the journey. Thanks for posting.