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  1. Starting January 2!

    Hi all.. starting again! Need help! Fist day again!
  2. September 18 start date

    @CorgiLover i love your vent! Ithe first time I even heard about whole30 it had a life changing effect on me. Just knowing I’m a sugar addict is enough to help me control it now. So it’s been a year and I know I don’t ever want it to control me like that again. Happy day 12!
  3. September 18 start date

    @kirbz I don't think it's too early to think about it...but honestly you will have more to base it on after 30 days...because after 30 days you will know how you feel...and what you've lost then you may feel differently! I have stayed on this for one year.... ... because in the last year I must say staying away from grains and dairy is a breeze...the reason why is there are so many other choices...I cook with almond and coconut flour. You can even get grain free bread...the dairy is no problem...(my husband is lactose intolerant) so we make our own almond milk...takes 5 minutes.....better than anything out there in the stores. If we want ice cream there is coconut milk almond milk. ..i can make dairy free ..grain free chocolate chip cookies ...I use coconut sugar in them...I have kept my weight off and feel wonderful for one year...I made the choice for my health. The reason why I'm doing it strict the last month I started wanting something sweet every night.(my sugar dragon)..but I can correct myself by just getting back to being strict... But even whole 30 says if you stayed on it strict forever you would miss the joy of life at times.....I have picked and chosen at what times I wanted to indulge on special events..I am so happy someone told me about this way of eating...because I eat to live....not live to eat. Only you can determine what's best for you...I hope what I've gone through helps a little.
  4. September 18 start date

    @CorgiLover welcome!
  5. September 18 start date

    @Svmomma @Tj V @Mike5858 @dmrob2009 Hi all, day 4 I feel better even though I slept horrible. I have to stop drinking water at night! I wouldn't worry about the bacon you have eaten...but going forward maybe just don't have until 30 days are over....the compliant bacon is out there...but so expensive. Trader Joe's has unfurled bits and pieces that says it has sugar but 0 grams of sugar...after 30 days try that will love it! Have a great day....everyone!
  6. September 18 start date

    @Tj V thanks...I had pork for dinner and for lunch...I'm thinking that's the headache and I'm nauseous. Having more is it hot in Indiana?
  7. September 18 start date

    Hi everyone...3rd day....haven't had any cravings...but just got a headache...I'm thinking I'm not drinking enough water...but glad I'm back to being strict on whole 30...tonite I'm making those delicate squash chips....roasted in oven with olive oil...been waiting for this winter squash to hit Trader Joe's....will let you know if it's as amazing as I'v
  8. September 18 start date

    Hi...3boysandagirl...I had absolutely no energy first time it's will get past that...hang in there!
  9. September 18 start date

    Don't know if what I said posted...glad to hear everyone is doing good! athena
  10. September 18 start date

    How did it feel to walk past those donuts??? Pretty good I'm betting!
  11. September 18 start date

    Sounds like you did great...came home from work starving husband made ribs...had salad and half a sweet potatoe..and I'm eating an apple...I'm done for the night! I already feel great! Ready for day 3 too!
  12. September 18 start date

    It contain raw cashews , 1 date, raw cocao, coconut ... that's it. But in lieu of what you said...I will refrain for 30 be totally compliant! Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow....
  13. September 18 start date

    I ...I mean my husband cooks with a little avacado oil ...onions and mushrooms just a few and an egg or two... then I have some kind of fruit...and maybe a slice of avacado...I don't eat a lot of veggies in morning...I can't stomach it...I didn't think it was mandatory to have veggies...but if you like them...great. i have something that I did almost everyday of whole 30.. raw brownie satisfies craving after dinner...I ate it immediately after dinner technically couldn't call it snacking...and literally the act of making them satisfies me...if anyone is interested let me know ..I don't want to post something that would be wrong. athena
  14. September 18 start date

    I had 2 eggs and blueberries and my lovely 2 shot americano! Soon you coffee drinkers will love straight coffee....I promise!
  15. September 18 start date

    @Tj V I don't eat fish either..unless it's a BBQ salmon you don't have to eat fish...after work tonite I will give some recipes I've had over the last will love them! athena