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  1. You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    We had 3 feet of snow from a storm in 2016. DH told me we were fine on eggs so I didn't stock up. My friends who were not snowed in were treated to a countdown of how many eggs were left as the storm progressed. (I believe we started with a dozen--really not enough for 3 people...)
  2. Start Date July 1

    Wegmans was out of the little individual cups of guacamole. Urgh. How am I supposed to function??? Also, DH put a completely empty jar of Primal Kitchen mayo back in the fridge. Luckily I bought more last weekend.
  3. Starting tomorrow - feeling nervous

    You've got this. I would just suggest you try for 4 days to get you through Saturday morning, especially if you have a brunch habit.
  4. Start Date July 1

    It is too hot here to roast veggies with any regularity. Insert sad panda face here. I often buy the Trader Joe's bag of spinach, kale and swiss chard and wilt it after my eggs are cooked. I just don't particularly like it! Since my last post, I have confirmed I don't like ghee/clarified butter. We are big fans of Kerrygold butter and that is hard to resist. Especially when 10 year old DS is making omelet's cooked in butter and filled with cheese. But so far, so good! Otherwise I'm feeling good--trying to sleep, drink green tea and not wonder where DH hid the box of chocolates I asked him to hide...
  5. Start Date July 1

    Started on July 1st as well. Repeat participant who knows how to eat but also can't stop when the cupcakes start talking to me. Day One was a little rocky-- meal 3 was supposed to be lamb chops, asparagus and a baked potato. Except that I accidentally cooked the little plastic bladder thing with the lamb chops. Yuck. I felt full after the baked potato and asparagus so I didn't stress about it. My biggest struggle is meal 1 vegetables.
  6. Can I have ham?

    It can be extremely hard to find but Wegman's carries one that is compliant and delicious. If it meets all the compliance tests, you are fine.
  7. Baked Buffalo Wings - healthier alternative

    I use the Mark's Daily Apple recipe and lard when I make mine. Except for the fact that you have to have someone stationed at the smoke detector, it is really lovely.
  8. How to lighten up meat-heavy chili

    I add a can of pumpkin or butternut squash to my Cincinnati style chili. It adds a hint of sweetness, more veg and is generally lovely.
  9. mayo...not

    Immersion blender--check Olive Oil--check Room temp egg--check mustard--check lemon juice--check And yet and I've had two failures in my last four mayo attempts. I made my husband stand there after the last failure while I tried again and read me the recipe from NomNomPaleo. The only thing I think I did differently was to but the egg in first with the success and the egg last with the failures.
  10. Compliant deli meat

    Compliant Deli Meats I have Found: Wegman's Organic Uncured Ham Wegman's Organic Roasted Turkey Wegman's Organic Herbed Turkey Applegate Naturals Turkey Bologna Applegate Organic Roast Beef Personally, for me, the unicorn out there is compliant bacon. People tell me it exists but I have never seen it with me own eyes... But the Wegman's ham is a game changer and makes me over the moon happy.
  11. Oncoming cold.....

    Don't forget kombucha!
  12. Really? This is where my line is drawn in the sand.

    Where does it say you can't have iceberg or romaine lettuce?
  13. Whole 30 Cooking with Kids

    DS is 6 and has been fascinated by the kitchen for a while. When I make chili he likes to decide if I'm adding a can of pumpkin or sweet potatoes or butternut squash. He likes to stir and he likes to help decide the menu for the week. Two weeks ago, he asked if he could make meatballs for dinner. WIth minimal supervision from me (I cut the veggies into chunks for the food processor and made sure he didn't set himself on fire), he made a paleo meatball and a pretty decent red sauce. Yesterday he made meatloaf--ground beef, celery and mushrooms . Again, minimal supervision from me and tasty. And he eats what he cooks without complaint. Is anyone else having success getting their kids into the kitchen to help cook?
  14. Trying to eat better with kids - this is HARD

    Can you get the non-compliant stuff out of the house to reduce the temptation for your husband to feed them off-plan stuff? Or does he just bring new non-compliant stuff in? Not having both parents on board is hard!
  15. Any sort of deli turkey

    Applegate has a turkey bologna. And roast beef (but read the labels because some roast beef isn't compliant.) Wegman's has turkey and ham. Whole Foods has one turkey, I think from a company called Fresh Fields.
  16. Whole 30 Cooking with Kids

    Tonight I was making red sauce (onions, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes and 2 pounds of ground beef) when DS came into the kitchen. He peered at it and asked, "Is it 30 compliant?" When I said yes, he asked, "Does it have grains, dairy, sugar or legumes?" When I told him no, he rushed upstairs to tell his father that it was okay, he had checked and dinner was compliant.
  17. Compliant deli meat

    The Organic Wegman's roast beef, uncured ham and smoked turkey are all compliant. I may have hidden the package of ham from my husband, who ate the smoked turkey all by himself without letting me have a taste.
  18. Compliant deli meat

    Whole Foods carries a Fresh Fields roasted turkey that is sliced at the deli counter that is compliant. (You can actually read their labels in the case which is nice as the deli employees already think I'm crazy.) Applegate Organic roast beef and Applegate Natural turkey bologna are both compliant although some people have found the roast beef with non-compliant ingredients. So always read the labels.
  19. So, the first time I tried I got to day 21 before I fell face first into a box of Valentine's Day Chocolate. DH knew I was doing the Whole 30 but it didn't compute that Valentine's Day didn't equal chocolate. And I take full ownership that I made the choice to eat them. We've talked about going primal or paleo before. He's severely overweight, depressed and has sleep apena. Though he's promised to take action in the past, he hasn't. When it came time to reboot (I took a few days to get my act together), I asked if he wanted to join me. He agreed. But he doesn't want to read anything or really know much about it beyond the list of things he can't eat. Today is day 7 and he still doesn't want to eat veggies with each meal and he is skipping meals here and there and he's snacking more than he probably should. All on 100 percent compliant food, but still. Saturday am I made scrambled eggs in coconut milk for everyone (6 year old son too). I made asparagus too. He ate the eggs but skipped the asparagus. I took the kid to the farm store to buy 10 dozen eggs for the next two weeks and do the grocery shopping. Home for lunch and DH declined to eat. We all went to Costco ($75 worth of apples, avocados and other fruits and vegetables.) and then dinner time. Roasted chicken and brussel sprouts. DH ate a ton of chicken and 3/4 of the sprouts. Little boy went to bed, and DH started scrounging for more food. First he wanted a larabar. I suggested a sweet potato. He went with that and a little proscuittto. He was full after that and skipped the larabar. So minimal veggies, no fruit and 2 real meals and one mini meal. He says he feels okay. He likes the money he's saving at work since I pack his lunch. He hasn't had any sleep improvements. He'll stick it out but I'm not sure how to help him get further by following the guidelines more. Sigh...
  20. Grouchy Spouse along for the ride

    And I circle the wagon train back to the start line. After a terrific spring 2013 stress eating and work uncertainty and an incredibly expensive summer of house and car repairs, led to some serious off track eating for DH (and me). I got back on track earlier this year but he didn't. And then he wondered if the nightmares and reflux that is so bad he is puking after dinner most nights might be improved if he went back on the Whole 30. He still won't read the damn book. And my favorite farmers market is closed this week because of the snow. (Dear god, the snow, and the ice, and the snow...) So we may have more limited choices. But I'm off to make scrambled eggs for everyone, in coconut oil, with a side of asparagus. I'm hoping he'll be less grouchy this go round as he knows that improvement will come. We'll see!
  21. Penzey's spices... too many options! What's your favorite?

    I love their Chinese 5 Spice and their smoked paprika. The sweet paprika is also nice. I used the Chinese 5 Spice today to make a faux pho. I took beef broth (it jelled, it jelled! Victory!) and warmed that up, added the 5 spice, cut up a bunch of tongue, added frozen rainbow chard, added a ton of cilantro and lime and called it a day. I planned to add zoodles but I forgot.
  22. Veggie help

    Cucumbers? Asparagus? Turnips?
  23. CPK

    I had good luck there recently with a cedar plank roasted salmon. I asked the server why it wasn't listed as gluten free as the description sounded straight forward--lime and paprika. He checked and said there was a butter seasoning on it that wasn't gluten free and neither was the corn/spinach side dish. He said they could do the salmon plain and give me steamed broccoli instead. And the gave me plenty of lime. It was a little overcooked but it worked.
  24. sausage

    Wegman's organic mushroom sausage is compliant. DS had it for dinner last night--I got one bite of his 3 sausages. DH finished the package for his dinner. Neither of who are on the Whole 30 but declined to eat the non-compliant chicken sausage in the fridge...
  25. Herring

    Has anyone found a compliant source of herring? Most of the stuff I see is either in wine or a cream sauce. Or has sugar. My usual brand has a small amount of sugar and wine so it is out for the moment. I've been okay with the cravings for bread and the like this time but damn if I wouldn't really like some herring right about now.