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  1. CecileC

    Is sriracha compliant?

    Is there a compliant sriracha? I was looking at a recipe on Real Plans for for Spicy Sriracha Deviled Eggs. I was thinking of trying it out because for 4 servings worth of eggs (that's a dozen eggs) there's only 3 tablespoons of sriracha. Not a lot... maybe. Anyway I went looking on my grocery store app to see if there were any small, as in 8 oz or less, bottles for sale. Nope. Now one nice thing about my grocery store app, it has drop downs showing the ingredients list for any given food product. So I look at the list for sriracha and see that sugar is the second ingredient. My grocery only sells the original sriracha made by Huy Fong. To be fair, the recipe did say to use only compliant sriracha. Is there such a thing?
  2. CecileC

    sodium benzoate

    I did a search of the forum and I looked in the book The Whole30 to see if Sodium Benzoate is compliant and couldn't find anything. Unless I missed it. Does anyone know? I looked it up online and found some downright scary information about lab-synthesized version that is often used in foods. This is making me want to avoid it ALL costs. Also, the E# for sodium benzoate is E211.
  3. Hallooo! I'm Cecile (pronounced si-SEE-ul) and I'm sorta new. Well, new to the forum. I'm in my mid 60s. I'd been seeing stuff on Pintrest about Whole30 for quite a while before deciding to check it out. Like I said, I'm in my mid 60s. My mom was a big proponent of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle most of life, so that, naturally, rubbed off on me. Though as knowledgeable as I was, and still am, my diet didn't show it. I have always had an insatiable sweet tooth and love to bake. Back when I drank coffee it would be more like coffee syrup because of all the sugar I put in it to make it pallitable. I've since stopped drinking coffee because it would make my stomach upset and I'd get diarrhea. I now tell people I'm allergic to coffee. Though now I'm thinking it was all the sugar that gave me problems. But, as a result of all the mostly unhealthy eating I was doing, I ended up weighing over 425 lbs. I don't know how much over because it was difficult to find a doctor's scale that went over 350. If it weren't for my fiancé's doctor's office and their digital scale I would never have known how high my weight had gotten. Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee and have been wanting to get a knee replacement, but because of my weight no orthopedist would do it. In fact I had one tell me that I was a malpractice lawsuit waiting to happen. Needless to say I never saw him again. But it's been a struggle. At least now my orthopedist says he'll consider it if I lose weight and get my BMI down closer to 40%. Then, about 6 years ago, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I started paying more attention to what I was eating an tried to get more exercise by walking, but the arthritis made it difficult. I tried to use My Fitness Pal, but it got to be a pain inputting all the ingredients of what I was eating. Though I have to say that the reprogrammed foods from chain restaurants was eye-opening as to the number of calories in them. I did drop some pounds and managed to get to around 380. In June of last year I got a Fitbit to help motivate me to move more, which helped a lot. And then about a year ago I finally looked into Whole30. Wow! I printed out all the informational PDFs and showed it to my Primary Care Practitioner. She looked it over and gave me the green light. I haven't been able to do a complete month because of family concerns and budget issues, but I have managed to do a couple of Whole7s and I have noticed a differences in how my body feels and reacts when I eat anything I couldn't eat on Whole30. And the large drops of weight has been a bonus. Since January I've dropped another 30+ pounds, so overall I've dropped 63 pounds. I hope to be able to do a full Whole30 in October, fingers crossed. Anyway, Thanks for listening.
  4. CecileC

    Red Yeast Rice supplements

    I think this one may stump the Mods. I apologize in advance and ask anyway. I take a supplement called Red Yeast Rice to keep my cholesterol under control. It's been used for centuries by Chinese herbal medicine and in the 1970s the Japanese were able to isolate lovastatin and monacolins, both cholesterol lowering drugs, from the red yeast rice. So my question is whether red yeast rice is compliant. Yes, it's rice which is not compliant, but it's been exposed to a benificial mold and is somewhat changed. For more information on red yeast rice, here's a link to the Wikipedia article. Thank you.
  5. CecileC


    Yes it does. Thank you.
  6. CecileC


    I was asked yesterday if Chia seeds and Quinoa are okay. I said that quinoa was not, but I didn't recall if Chia was or not. Thanks