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  1. CecileC

    Is sriracha compliant?

    Is there a compliant sriracha? I was looking at a recipe on Real Plans for for Spicy Sriracha Deviled Eggs. I was thinking of trying it out because for 4 servings worth of eggs (that's a dozen eggs) there's only 3 tablespoons of sriracha. Not a lot... maybe. Anyway I went looking on my grocery store app to see if there were any small, as in 8 oz or less, bottles for sale. Nope. Now one nice thing about my grocery store app, it has drop downs showing the ingredients list for any given food product. So I look at the list for sriracha and see that sugar is the second ingredient. My grocery only sells the original sriracha made by Huy Fong. To be fair, the recipe did say to use only compliant sriracha. Is there such a thing?