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  1. Mine is an IBCLC (international board certified) and has been simply amazing! Not all LC's are created equal but the IBCLC are the best. There are many individuals who work as lactation specialists (in hospitals and dr. offices even) without this credential, which means there is no way to be sure of their training. Here is info about IBCLC: http://americas.iblce.org/what-is-an-ibclc and here is a site where you can locate one: http://www.lowmilksupply.org/lc.shtml#listing
  2. I also experienced a drop in supply early in my Whole30 when I used to have oversupply and I discussed it with my lactation consultant. She said that inflammation can cause oversupply and that by eliminating inflammation-causing foods my levels of inflammation should be dropping and that my supply will regulate to a more normal level. I just thought I'd pass that on!
  3. Hello! I'm new to the forum and on my 9th day of my first whole30. I'm also breastfeeding my 3 month-old daughter. I love it so far and since an initial dip in supply that has resolved, things are going well. The only thing is that when I have to get up for nighttime feeds I'm sometimes starving! I know that ISWF says to not eat after dinner and on the nights she sleeps for longer periods I don't need to, but when she is up every two hours I'm so hungry that I have to have a snack. Is this ok? I've been having nuts for the most part since it's quick and I can get back to bed. Any other suggestions for a midnight snack? Again, I know that it is not exactly on plan, but I'm breastfeeding and need to eat to be able to feed my daughter. Oh, and I'm sure that I'm eating enough at dinner, I have no problem not eating before bed, but around 2:00 after being up twice, sometimes for an hour, I'm hungry. And my little one cosleeps already.