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  1. Marci0393

    Blood test - adjustments to the plan?

    I really do think the inflammation was probably a result of the cold I was still getting over. As for the grains and dairy, I didn't do a re-introduction after my W27, but I have never noticed any particular sensitivity to grains or any other food. I don't eat a lot of dairy because I'm not crazy about milk or cheese. Post W30 I probably had one or two servings of grains and one or fewer servings of dairy a day. Most days I eat no dairy. The most significant changes I noticed on the W30 were my energy levels. I had more energy and it was sustained all day. I also had very few cravings as long as I avoided fruit. I don't have issues with my digestion and I usually only get headaches pre-period so those are triggered by hormones, not food. Unless there are symptoms that I am missing, I don't think I have any particular food sensitivities. I am about 25Lbs overweight. Overweight people typically have high cholesterol. I don't think there are any underlying causes other than I need to lose weight, exercise more and eat better. I'm just wondering about the "eat better" part in relation to my egg and red meat consumption. I am going to a 3 day conference starting tomorrow, but when I get back I plan on prepping for my next W30 over the weekend and starting on Monday. I do understand that the eggs and red meat are not likely what caused the problem. I just think that until I get it under control it can't hurt to cut back a little and substitute some W30 compliant foods, like fish, that tend to lower trigs and LDL.
  2. Marci0393

    Blood test - adjustments to the plan?

    I did do a little research about the fasting v. non-fasting lipid panel and the consensus seems to be that there is up to a 20% variance. Even if you take that into consideration, my Triglycerides would be well over 200.
  3. Marci0393

    Blood test - adjustments to the plan?

    Confession: I HATE cross-fit. I know other people treat it like their religion, but I honestly do not enjoy it at all. I am competitive when it comes to other stuff, but not exercise or physical sports. I have never really liked exercise and the only physical activities I remotely enjoy are swimming, hiking and bike riding (leisurely). My workouts are usually 30-60 minutes on the elliptical. I really want to start going to a yoga class, but none of the ones I can find fit my schedule. When the weather improves I will start walking every day. I know I need to incorporate some strength training.
  4. Marci0393

    Blood test - adjustments to the plan?

    Interesting. I was just getting over a cold. I had just eaten lunch, but they said it was not a fasting test? I'll do a little more research. Even if my lunch had an affect on the numbers, my cholesterol was borderline high when I was tested about a year and a half ago as well. Just to clarify, I am working on addressing my lifestyle issues as well. I am trying to work some more me time into my schedule for physical activity. I think the cold had more to do with it than my stress level. I have a high stress job and 2 kids (one is special needs), but I have always handled stress well. I don't really feel over stressed much. I am more concerned about the cholesterol than the c-reactive protein. I think exercise will be my main focus to bring it down, but I was eating 3 eggs almost every day on my last W30. I know that cholesterol in food is not the big contributor but that can't have helped, right? I am thinking I might try to do 2 eggs every other day, and have fish for breakfast on the off day? I don't eat enough fish because my husband doesn't like it (and I live in a rural area of a landlocked state and it's hard to find good fish) but he cooks his own breakfast so that would be a good time to work it in.
  5. I just received some blood test results from my doctor and I am wondering if I need to make some small adjustments for my next whole 30. My main concern is my cholesterol. My HDL is good at 49 but my LDL is high at 137 and my Triglycerides are high at 278. I re-read the section in ISWF on eggs and cholesterol and it says that if you divide your Tri by your HDL 4 is high and 6 is the danger zone, mine is 5.67. My last W30 I ate A LOT of eggs and red meat. I am wondering if I should cut them out and do more lean protein? I know that eggs and grass fed beef are really good for you, but I don't know how else to bring my numbers down. Another area of concern is that my C reactive Protein (which is an indicator of inflimation) was high. The nurse practitioner said that if I don't smoke (which I don't) then that is an indicator of high stress, which I would say I have. Suggestions on that? Also, and I am not sure if this is related, I have had a stiff neck and shoulder on my right side for a week. The blood test was about 3 weeks after my W30 (actually W27) and I was not eating with any restrictions, but I don't eat much processed food anyway. I was eating grains and dairy in moderation. The good news is that my electrolites, A1C, Thyroid function, B-12 and uric acid were all good. My blood sugar was high, but I had just eaten lunch and my Vit D was low, but I am taking a suppliment. I also take PE Nutrient 950 with Vit. K and a cod liver oil suppliment.
  6. Marci0393

    The next time around

    8. I am going to take a pic of every meal and post it in my log. I meant to do that last time, but I kept forgetting.
  7. My first whole 30 ended as a whole 27. Many factors contributed to my blowing off the last three days, but I have only myself to blame. I still feel like it was a success. My plan was to take a week off and do another one. Due to a broken TV and dishwasher (in the same week!), I will have to wait a bit longer to stock my fridge and pantry. I do plan on doing my next W30 asap. A few things I will do differently next time: 1. Ignore my family. I mostly did that this time around, but they didn't like the smell of the coconut oil and I stopped using it. This time, my motto is "you can't please everyone, you got to please yourself" There are frozen pizzas in the freezer if you don't like it. 2. Coconut oil is back in the line-up. 3. I am sending the scale away. I am getting it out of my house and I am going to challenge myself to stay off the scale at the gym. This really should be #1 for me. 4. Keep a closer eye on fruit and nuts. I love fruit, but it is a little swypo/no brakes for me. I love fruit and nut butter but the more I have it, the more I want it. I think I will limit myself to 3 servings a week and always with my meal, no snacking. 5. I am going to make it 30 days. 6. After the 30 days I am goint to do the full reintroduction. 7. I am going to remind myself every single day, why I am doing this. I believe I may be insulin resistant and/or pre-diabetic and last time I had a check up my cholesterol was in the high end of normal. I am 25lbs over-weight and my husband and I want to have another baby. I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy and my son has autism. There are a million reasons to do this and only one not to - because it's hard. I am no stranger to hard. I came from a lower middle class family. I dropped out of high school and did home school to get my diploma. I was a single mother, living with my parents at 20. Today, I have a wonderful husband, 2 amazing kids, a nice house, lovely friends, and a successful career as an attorney. Getting here was no picnic, let me tell you. Now days, there is very little I would change about my life, but my weight and health are at the top of the list. I have accomplished a great deal over the last few years, but I still have trouble passing up a girl scout cookie or sesame chicken. I just need to stay focused on how important this is. I am going to keep doing it until I get it right. Until I can ride my own bike and make the hard choices every day. I made it through law school and drug free child birth, this should be a piece of cake piece of steamed broccoli, right?
  8. Marci0393

    Day 23 Slump

    Day 25 - Return of the Slump! I felt better yesterday. I went to the gym after work and did 50min on the eliptical. I had steak and roasted vegetables for dinner. I went to bed at 9:30 and was asleep before 10. I woke up once and went to the batheroom, but didn't have trouble falling back to sleep. I slept in till 7. I had 2 hard boiled eggs, some avocado, raw carrots, a banana and hot tea for breakfast. Just had Chipotle bowl with carnitas, salsa, guac and lettuce for lunch. I feel like I need a NAP! After over 9 hours of sleep last night. And, as an added bonus my pants feel tighter. Am I not supposed to be getting tiger blood at this point?
  9. Marci0393

    How much do you off-road?

    I am glad you asked this. I was wondering about the same thing. I have one week left on my first W30 and I have been pondering re-introduction. I have felt great on the W30, but I never really felt that bad off of it. I don't think I have many (if any) food sensitivities. I have never had problems with digestion or cognition (the “fogâ€) that I am aware of. My health issues are being overweight (by 20-30lbs), possible insulin resistance and borderline high cholesterol. The main benefits for me have been killing my cravings and cutting out my food with no breaks. This makes it hard for me because I almost wish I would have a painful physical reaction when I eat something that is not the best for my health. I am afraid that when I start re-introduction, I am going to have to try and recognize my problem areas without blatant “DON'T EAT THAT!†signals from my body. Eating foods with no breaks and foods that invoke the sugar dragon make me feel good, not bad. I am worried I won't always recognize what is bad for me right away. Right now I am just planning on staying away from sugar, processed foods and refined carbs and having other non-compliant foods in moderation.
  10. Marci0393

    Day 23 Slump

    Annie - I have read that a good niacin (B3) suppliment can help with depression. I am not a doctor and have never had clinical depression, but you might look into it.
  11. Marci0393

    Day 23 Slump

    Well, I had an apple with cashew butter while I fixed dinner and I made it to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will ge better. I think it was the combo of the gym last night since I hadn't been in over a week, and being light on fat for breakfast. Only 7 days to go!
  12. Marci0393

    Day 23 Slump

    I was so excited this morning because I'm on day 23 so I've started my 1 week countdown, but man am I in a slump today! I went to the gym last night for the first time in a while and did 45 minutes on the eliptical. I had a good, compliant dinner and went to bed about an hour earlier than usual. In the morning I usually have eggs, salsa and avocado with hot tea for breakfast but my avocado was over ripe so I skipped it. I was so tired I opted for coffee with coconut milk instead of tea and figured that would be my fat. For lunch I had some grilled chicken and steamed veggies with coconut milk and a banana. Now it's 4:00, I'm craving a snack even though I'm not hungry and I could fall asleep at my desk! I want to go for a walk, but it is really cold outside. This is one of the worst W30 days I've had. one of the things I have loved about this plan is that I really hadn't had much trouble with cravings and I have had sustained energy. What is wrong with today!? Seriously. I want a cookie and a nap right now. SUCKS! Is it normal to have such a bad day this late in the game? What gives, body?
  13. Marci0393

    Pickier than I thought

    I'll keep my eyes peeled for the Japanese sweet potatoes and other alternatives. Beets and carrots are my go to starchy veggies. I really do like pretty much everything I didn't list. My biggest issue is finding recipes, so I think my best bet is to start trying substitutions. I have become friendlier with bell pepper.
  14. I lost weight at the begining of both of my pregnancies due to severe morning (all day) sickness. My 1st was 7lbs 12oz, 2nd was 6lbs 8oz with gestational diabetes. Both times I would call my mom crying because I couldn't eat and was worried about my baby and (Disclaimer: I don't know if there is any scientific truth to this, but it makes sense to me) my mom always told me that the baby will take what it needs and leave you with the rest. As long as you're eating enough to have sustained energy to get through your day, the baby is probably fine. No one can give you better advice than your OB or Midwife.
  15. Marci0393

    Chicken vegetable soup

    I just made chicken zoodle soup. I put the broth, cubed chicken breast, carrots, celery, leeks and zucchini that I used a julienne peeler ($10 at whole foods or on amazon) to turn into zoodles into my pressure cooker for 15 minutes. Since most people don't have a pressure cooker (although everyone should because they are AWESOME! ) you can use a crock pot or do it on the stove and adjust the time. I also seasoned with herbs de Provence, salt and pepper. Easy peasy!