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  1. Hi, I successfully finished my first whole 30 Nov30th and started out really good and overall results were decent 18 lbs, somewhat less pain, definitely more energy although some days better than others. I am very obese have over 100 lbs to lose and had gastric bypass nearly 10 years ago and so have been doing the 5 smaller meals and seemed to work okay. Anyone else have worse skin issues since being on program ? I also have started gaining bit weight back but remain compliant except for small amount bacon and a dollop of ketchup twice and on road trip this weekend had two slices of pizza. Just wondering if this program is for me given my Health issues but have felt better than in a long time ???
  2. Sherri66

    Coconut Aminos

    Hi it’s bad planning but out now looking for coconut aminos im in Canada anyone know where ??
  3. Sherri66

    Mixed signal

    I am confused I read somewhere you can have tomato juice. I checked ingredients at store just tomatoes and salt but when I got home looked closer 2 gm sugar can I still have?
  4. Sherri66


    Hi, I had a gastric bypass years ago and have a very small appetite at one sitting so I get full then hungry half hour later. I am starting Wednesday and tried today but I can't go more than couple hours in between meals. What kind of snacks can I have? thanks