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  1. Blueglass74

    Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole

    Wonder if this would work, I looked up their cream of mushroom replacement and it has coconut cream. I have no idea what that is lol. This is the site where I got the awesome vinegar mayo that can be turned into ranch dressing as well.
  2. Blueglass74

    Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole

    That would be a good side dish for sure! I was looking for something kind of creamy but without the dairy.
  3. Blueglass74

    Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole

    So this is what I am thinking, maybe taking some fresh green beans, mixing it with homemade mayo (slight vinegar flavor), water chestnut from a can (just need to check the ingridents), some kind of soy alternative. What am I missing to make it tasty, bacon with no sugar, etc. Should I change the mayo to ranch dressing with cilantro etc. I know cream of soup bakes well, but ummm can I bake Mayo lol. Maybe I need to add the mayo after the food is already heated. Any ideas?
  4. Blueglass74

    Canned Water Chestnuts?

    I was thinking the same thing. I plan to put some in a green bean salad with my homemade mayo to get the thanksgiving green bean dish that I love every year. Probably will add a soy sauce alternative as well. I also plan to add some to the coconut soup in the whole 30 book to give it a little crunch.
  5. Blueglass74

    Delicious, Easy Snack Idea!

    That does look yummy, salty and sweet. I have a hard time finding any deli meat with out the nitrates in them. Glad you found something fresh. Did you slice the meat yourself? I like this idea, keep them coming...