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  1. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    Day 21... Well I decided to turn my whole 30 into a whole20. Sorry but I've just been feeling so crappy all week and it's been wearing on me. After realizing last night I was starting to get depressed I decided it's enough. Not worth my happiness whatever it is that's causing the issue. But I am still try to keep with the program for the most part. I am reintroducing dairy today bc I've just been feeling so crumby I really wanted a cup of coffee this morning. It's not a good as I remember it and I'm almost positive it's because of the milk. I'm going to continue having dairy throughout the day and see how I do the next couple days when I go back to whole30. If I can't handle the milk then I am okay with that I will just need to find a new warm beverage for the sore throat feeling crappy cold weather days like today. I won't miss cheese bc cheese has always made me feel sick. But I will miss ice cream...maybe I'll find out tonight. I don't consider this a fail, just the first step into a healthier and happier life. Other than this week I have been feeling wonderful. Lost 9lbs and had many other NSVs. If I notice myself feeling bad again I'll start up another whole30 and see how I do. But for the most part I am going to continue the whole 30 with a couple additions as I find what works and doesn't work for me. I ate pretty healthy before doing the program anyways so it wasn't too hard to get this far. My take away from this is that I can continue to stay healthy and just learn to enjoy the occasional treat and noncompliant foods and focus on not eating bad things all the time, and only in small amounts. Not having the stomach pain has been pretty good. If it returns I plan to do the whole30 in reverse. By eliminating one thing at a time each month and see if I can pinpoint exactly what is causing the issue. It very well may be the dairy since I have had a sensitivity my whole life but taught my body to get past it and now that I'm getting a little older my body is protesting to it. So we will see, but the whole30 taught me that if it's causing issues I won't miss. I've lived without it and can continue to do so.
  2. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    Well Day 20 here. 2/3 of the way done. Only 10 more days. I am so over it though haha. I have been doing so well and I committed to the whole 30 days so that's all that's keeping me going. I am trying to grow in discipline and sticking to commitment so that is all that is keeping me going. I feel great I've lost weight I look great still no stomach pain. But I was testing myself on Monday night and over did it on a work out now my whole body aches still 3 days later and my stomach has been off since then. Absolutely no appetite on Tuesday. My appetite is getting better today but I'm still so sore and have post nasal drip causing a sore throat and I just feel all around crappy which is zapping all motivation. Everytime I walk in the kitchen I have an inner struggle against pouring myself a cup of coffee. I'm so close to the end, but am worried I won't make it. At least if I can get to Monday I know I'll be too busy all week to think about it. But I have all weekend still to get through.
  3. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    Day 19 here. Kind of can't wait for this to be over lol. 11 more days to go not that long really. I'm excited to do my reintroduction. I have not been having any of the stomach pain so far so idk if I was having hormonal Imbalances or what but I hope I continue to be pain free for the next 2 weeks. The hard part is going to be figuring out the reintroduction because the pain doesn't start until 2 weeks into my cycle and lasts 2-3 weeks. So I feel like I might need to do my reintroduction one month at a time. But if that's the case I really need to evaluate and decide what I want to bring back into my diet most so I don't have to wait so long to have certain things.
  4. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    Day 18. Well I made shepherd's pie yesterday and it turned out good hubby loved it. I don't have much motivation today had a really tough work out last night and over did it a little. But I know I need to get around and clean and do some food prep and cooking. All I could stomach for breakfast was a banana. Lunch is coming up so maybe I'll have something that'll give me that extra energy to get through the rest of the day and get the work I need to do done.
  5. Kids On The Whole 30

    I consulted with a nutritionist before doing the Whole30 bc my daughter is on chemo. She said the whole 30 is great for kids, but if if kids aren't eating enough because they don't like the food or need the extra calories like my daughter she said to keep dairy and gluten in the diet for the extra calories. So I do whole grain cereals for when the kids don't want eggs, and I keep simple things like chicken nuggets and Mac and cheese, spaghettis things like that if it's a meal I know they won't like at all. I also keep cheese sticks yogurt and milk in the house for them as well. But so far they have been good about it. They r 5 and 3.
  6. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    Day 16 was a success I was way too busy to get on and post. Today is day 17 and I'm feel good. Time to get up most around and plan meals for the week. I know I am going to make Shepard's pie. And today I am going to make that pork sausage recipe to have with breakfasts during the week. I have salad fixings and think I'm gonna try a new dressing recipe. Still going strong!!
  7. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    Well day 15 over. Half way done!! Still going strong, getting a little bored though haha. Nothing to worry about though I won't give in. But it makes me dream about the things I want most when this is over. For awhile It was going to be chocolate ice cream. But today it was things like pizza and especially coffee since it was so cold out and snowy. Not just bleh coffee. If I'm gonna have coffee it's gonna be my coffee the way I love it no settling lol. That's if I can still handle dairy after this is over. Wouldn't mind a chocolate chip cookie either. I'm not having dreams about food...unless daydreaming counts well time for bed. Onward to day 16 the first day of my second half.
  8. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    Well 2 weeks down. Tomorrow marks the halfway point. I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already time really flys. Onward to day 15!
  9. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    That is a good point. The tiger blood may be very different for everyone. I know that since I started I haven't had any of the negative effects the first week or 2 said I would. I was going through caffeine withdrawal so idk about the head ache days early on, but no bloating or anything. I have had more energy since around week one as well. I am just happy to watch up feeling rested. Get around and go all day long without even having coffee which was my go to morning wake up call. I just feel great and like I said I get up and I have the energy to go until 9/10 o clock then I crash, I am out within minutes of deciding to go to bed then I'm wide awake 6/7am the next day. It's just awesome to feel this great and if THIS is my tiger blood then I can be happy with that.
  10. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    Good morning Day 14. 2 weeks in and I'm still going strong. Still waiting for the tiger blood, but all in all I have much more energy through the day anyways. My skin is clear, my waist is slimming down, I sleep pretty well although sleep was never much of a problem. I have more energy than before. I am pretty much always in a decent mood. No short fuse with my kids, and more affectionate toward my husband. And if I do get flustered in over it before I even realize it. My wedding ring fits again!!that's a big one for me. These are just some of the NSV I have noticed I am sure there are more that I'm not thinking of I'll need to pull out my book when this is over and go down the list and start checking it off lol. Time to go make breakfast.
  11. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    Well day 13 went well. I opted for no eggs for breakfast instead I had bacon and apple slices which left me ready to eat lunch of a salad with chicken. I was a little hungry going into dinner so I had an apple while I cooked. Flounder, cauliflower, and a baked potato. Just happy I could get my 3 meals in today. Can't believe we are almost to the halfway point. Onward to day 14
  12. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    Day 13. Still going strong. I am going to try and eat a slightly smaller breakfast today, and maybe eat some foods that aren't as filling as the ones I have been eating hopefully that will help me get those 3 meals a day in. I think I am going to try and add a mid day work out as well. I haven't decided what's for breakfast but we are having salad for lunch and fish for dinner.
  13. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    I am having a really hard time eating 3 meals a day. For the first week it was great because my body was adjusting the being full all the time kept away the cravings but now I have breakfast and lunch rolls around I feed the kids and I just don't want to eat I'm not hungry. Idk what to do. Should I be eating smaller meals and risk being hungry and having cravings? Should I have a snack for lunch so my body still has something to keep my metabolism going? I'm thinking that if I take this next step with implementing exercise into my routine it may help since I'll be burning more of those calories off. I feel like forcing myself to eat when I'm not hungry is a bad idea. Thoughts please???
  14. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    Ahh Day 12... Oh I'm feeling so much better today. I slept better and my stomach isn't bothering me this morning. Because of yesterday I didn't really make plans for today so I know I'll go cook some eggs this morning, and I'll have salad with grilled chicken for lunch. So that give me all day to figure out dinner. I am going to my first pilates class today. Its a free intro class so I am excited about that. I doubt I will continue to go but after I might feel more encouraged to find what works for me. I am probably just going to try to go for walks each night after dinner and work my way up to running. I know I can do yoga, stretches, and crunches at home. I can't put weight on my wrists so I'll have to get some free weights in order to work my arms. This is the next big change I need to make in my life after whole30.
  15. Starting my whole30 today! 11/25

    Day 11 recap... I had leftover pot roast again for dinner because I have just been feeling so off all day and didn't feel like cooking at all. I hope whatever is going on with my stomach is better tomorrow. Still going strong though. Here's hoping for Day 12!