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    For the love of sweet potatoes

    Hi @spafoodie - since you mentioned you like sweet potatoes, I have heard about "sweeet potatoe" buns for sometime but have never tried them until tonight! For dinner we had BLT's on sweet potato buns. They were really good! When I was cooking the sweet potatoes in the pan, I had the burner turned up a little two high so some of the sides got a bit "browner" than I would have liked. I was able to very gently slice off the over cooked pieces. But if you are looking for some sort of a "sandwich" option, don't forget about sweet potatoes!!
  2. Vicki D

    Starting 11/24 - Anyone in?

    I'm going to jump in on this group! I started yesterday and am lucky to have my husband and 22 yr old daughter joining me in my 30 day journey. I started doing Paleo in January and saw some fantastic results. With summer vacations, I slipped off the wagon and knew I needed to get back to what worked for me. I have a big trip planed in January so once I realized if I delayed until 2018, I was looking at February, I thought, that isn't going to work so realized you don't have to start on the 1st of the month or on a Monday, so here I am starting the day after Thanksgiving! I spent a lot of today cooking as cooking during the week - unless it is really quick - can be a challenge. Also there are some great recipes in the Whole 30 30-at guide. We had BLT's on Sweet Potato buns for dinner with a salad and some applesauce. Turned out pretty good! Looking forward to the next 28 day journey with all of you.