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    Arriving at Day 30

    So here I am - on Day 30 of my first Whole30. The sole goal I set was to lower my average blood glucose level (type II diabetic here). That goal has not only been met, but so much more has happened! What worked: - Blood glucose average dropped about 30 points. Still not quite where I'd like it, but an incredible improvement. - 500% increase in energy, from the start of the second week on. - Skin glowing, hair and nail growing like weeds (downside: paying for haircuts more often, lol). - More restful, restorative sleep. - Increased ability to focus at work, particularly through what used to be the "afternoon slump". - Between meal hunger disappeared. - Ankles no longer swell. - Clothes fit much better - in some cases, they no longer fit at all! - Significant weight loss - without really trying, without being hungry all the time, without feeling "deprived". I've not been on the scale :), but I'm guessing about 15 - 20 pounds. Only a couple of downsides: - As a single, I've rarely cooked all three meals a day for more than a couple of days in a row. It's been much too easy to run through a drive through to pick up breakfast or dinner. I'm a good cook, just lazy, lol. Preparing three meals a day for thirty days - yikes, the time it took, especially in the first two weeks as I worked on changing those habits. - Dishpan hands. Seriously. I do have a dishwasher, but don't put the pots and pans and cooking implements in it. Since I generally needed those things again very quickly, a portion of all prep time was immediately washing things so they were ready for the next set of cooking. What I'd do differently: I decided on a Friday to start on Monday, which didn't give a lot of time to prepare. Next time (and I plan to start again the first week of January), I'll be sure to do much more advance cooking and freezing. Compliant soups and burgers, cooked and diced chicken to put on salads, perfect sausage cooked and packaged for breakfast hash. Not to mention hard boiling at least a couple of dozen eggs (thank heaven for InstantPot!). While I'd put the non-compliant pantry food in a box in the back of the pantry, I'd not gone through the spice cupboard to take a look at the ingredients on the blends (ended up mixing my own poultry seasoning at the last minute because my jar had sugar as an ingredient). Time to go through and at least clearly mark which ones are compliant, which are not, and decide whether or not to keep the noncompliant around. So overall... Other than the work involved in planning (and dicing, and cooking, and cleaning...), at which I became more efficient as the days went by, I found the program surprisingly easy. Beginner's luck? The results were certainly worth the work involved. More than that, I think the way I view food, along with my eating habits, have undergone a permanent shift. Here's to healthy eating!
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    Starting today December 6, 2017!

    Congratulations to you both, and good for both of you not waiting until after the holidays! My first Whole30 will end next Tuesday, the 12th, and I plan to start up again sometime between 12/28 and 1/5. I initially started in order to get my blood sugar numbers under better control (type II diabetic), but the other benefits have been incredible, including practically effortless weight loss. Planning is indeed the key - the couple of days/meals where I've "winged it" have been the least satisfying as far as not being hungry between meals. The first week was difficult because of the amount of cooking needed - I'm single, and for a long time have been used to picking up breakfast, and often dinner, rather than cooking. I'm a great cook, when I cook, lol. After the first week of adjustment, though, you get much more efficient in the kitchen.
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    How often do you grocery shop?

    As Hazel said above, it really helps to already have a menu in mind when you shop. I've been going once a week on Friday night or Saturday, and prepping a lot of food over the weekend for the work week. I tend to cook a huge pot of a veggie (broccoli or green beans) on the weekend, then have that as part of my dinner the rest of the week (I know some people would get bored - doesn't bother me). If nothing else, I always have to get eggs, lol. With salad stuff, I plan to eat those salads the first three days after shopping. A few things last longer (whole cherry tomatoes, chopped up green peppers, lettuce if torn up and correctly stored, spinach if it's dry). For protein, use the freezer. I repack my meat in single or double portion freezer bags, rather than freezing the whole lump. It thaws faster, and if you need more than one bag on a given night, you just take out more.
  4. quiltbabe

    pressure cooker

    I bought the 5 quart InstantPot because of the multifunctions - and I've been using it 3-4 times a week since I bought it. It is perfect for steaming hard boiled eggs and vegies. I do a work week's supply of both all at once, the eggs for portable breakfasts (3, along with a serving of fruit), and the vegies to reheat or use in a recipe for dinner. Broth is a snap. I really appreciate the time it saves.