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  1. Missmolly222

    Starting November 27, 2017!

    I have been energized and waking up before my alarm! I had the energy to hit the gym 6 days this week. Also excited that I have tried so many new and healthy recipes that I otherwise wouldn't have tried.
  2. Missmolly222

    Starting November 27, 2017!

    @JulesR prior to whole30 I made tuna cakes. Slightly different, but they always taste great! I would season mine with jalapeño and cilantro. Very tastey!
  3. Missmolly222

    Starting November 27, 2017!

    Day 5 and I am feeling pretty good. Almost to the weekend, but realizing how often my "plans" revolve around food. Food that I am know trying to change my relationship with. Harder than it seems at times. Have a great weekend everyone. Keep working hard!
  4. Missmolly222

    Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe(s) Needed!

    I just made a pot roast in the crockpot and it turned out wonderfully! I just mixed about a cup or cup and a half bone broth with a small can organic tomato paste and seasoned with herbs. Left all day on low. Turned out great! Will check back for more recipes!
  5. Missmolly222

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    @EWilber34 Your story is inspiring. I just started my first Whole30 also; I am on Day 4! If you need any ideas, a person to lean on when it's hard, or just a person to bounce ideas off of please feel free to reach out! We've got this!
  6. Missmolly222

    Starting November 27, 2017!

    Day 4 is here and I am ready. I hit the gym this morning and felt stronger than yesterday. Hoping my body is starting to adjust a bit. Be strong today! @Ejanecek83 thank you for sharing that recipe. It looked delicious. I made the tomato and spinach frittata from the Whole 30 book and added some chicken apple sausage. Delicious! I would definitely recommend it for a bit of a treat. Definitely not a great everyday option (higher sodium and fat), but great for a little extra motivation.
  7. Missmolly222

    Starting November 27, 2017!

    It is so true that Day 3 is hard. Woke up and hit the gym as usual, but I was feeling extra sluggish! Here is my plan for today: Preworkout/postwork out snack: 1 boiled egg/ banana with almond butter Meal one: egg frittata with tomatoes and spinach, half grapefruit, and ginger tea Meal two: burger with mashed avocado and homemade pico, brussel sprout salad Meal three: yet to figure this out, but I have all day. Ground turkey recipe?? Sounds delish GOOD LUCK TODAY EVERYONE! We can do this.
  8. Missmolly222

    Starting November 27, 2017!

    So happy to have found this thread. Thanks! I also started on Monday. I am very excited to be embarking on my first Whole30 experience! Look forward to having a group of ladies to lean on through this. We've got this!