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  1. Gaileo

    Easy Egg Salad - in bulk

    Have any of you tried cutting the eggs in half without peeling? I heard this is another approach to save time but I've been afraid to try.
  2. Gaileo

    The crazy things people say

    My favorite variation of this that really shuts people up: "If I eat that, I will regret it for weeks." Usually they understand the gravity of the situation at that point, but if they still push it, I go into a little bit of detail about my potential digestive distress and NO ONE wants to hear that I also have a coworker that always brings lots of chocolate to work to share. He is really extreme about pushing it on people. I've given up fighting it; at this point I just thank him and take a piece. Then I either take it home to my husband or give it to a different coworker. Edit: I also meant to say I am glad to see this thread is still kicking around, it is one of my favorites and I haven't been around for a while.
  3. Gaileo

    Beer & ice cream party!??!?!

    Great ideas! I have gotten pretty good at not being self-conscious about my eating in social situations, and I am more worried about temptation for sweets at that stage of a Whole30. In the past I've dealt with it mostly by staying away. I really like the idea to show up a little bit late. Also water concealment is pretty genius. Thanks everyone!
  4. Hey folks! I'm along for the official Whole30 ride so I am on day 6. Feeling really good after being pretty exhausted and achy the last day or two. I think I am a couple days ahead of the timeline because I have been eating mostly paleo since my first Whole30 in January, and I tried to eat super clean on the 31st. Anywayyy I was invited to a going away party for one of my closest friends. It's this Saturday. He is going away for 3 years and I really want to go to his party. I am just worried I will not be able to handle it, because it is a beer and ice cream party! Seriously. It's like a cruel joke. I am worried I will just want to cry or punch someone while I'm there. I'm doing this Whole30 because I'm trying to kill my sugar dragon once and for all. I love ice cream. And I love beer. So I am thinking I should just skip this party for my own well-being, but I really don't want to miss my good friend's send-off. Anybody had a similar experience? Should I attend? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
  5. Rachael, thanks for the encouraging words. Renee, I know the caffeine is a big deal, and I am trying to give myself more credit for that now. Also part of why I think extending this is a good idea. On the topic of stress- I started a log last night ( and I talk about this there a bit. I do tend to be a very high stress person, and I have been really hard on myself during this process. I know it's a factor and I'm going to try to work on that. I'm thinking of starting some yoga or meditation or both, and just trying to relax a little more about this, generally.
  6. Thanks Robin. I really do think I am fighting this cold/flu thing that's been going around and that's probably the root of my problem. I am going to keep at it and turn my Whole30 into a Whole45. Two more weeks seems sooo long but I know I can do it, especially now that I have the hang of things and renewed hope.
  7. That's really helpful, thanks. And Shelli, you actually cheered me up with the dates thing in the end, so no worries! I am feeling much better about things after a laugh. I will try to eat more protein & fat, especially in the morning. It's still a little hard to eat a ton of protein in the morning so I always just eat as much as I can but maybe I can do better. It's also likely I need to eat another meal and/or a sort of post-workout thing after work, because it's physical work and I work hard. That's basically my only physical activity, besides short evening walks, and I think I've made the mistake of NOT thinking of it as a workout, when it probably counts as one.
  8. It's OK, it's totally reasonable to misread something now and then. Sorry to snap. I will admit I am feeling pretty touchy because I am disappointed. It is possible I am coming down with something because of coworkers coming in to work sick (grrr...) and maybe that is why I am not feeling well. So I think I will just strengthen my resolve and keep this going for at least 15 more days.
  9. Thanks, slw. I have a paper food journal and I will type up my last couple of days. I started out not eating enough, but I am now eating a ton of food. Day 28 Meal 1 - 2 chicken thighs, 1 whole sweet potato, 15 baby carrots Meal 2 - can of tuna, 1/2 avo, pile of greens, cucumber, shredded carrots Meal 3 - 1 lb ground beef, broccoli, zucchini, cabbage stir fry with coco. aminos & ginger (I was super hungry) Day 29 Meal 1- 2 chicken thighs, big pile of wilted spinach, carrots Meal 2 - ground beef mini-burgers (3/4 lb) with lettuce wrap, pickles, onions, and avocado Meal 3 - spaghetti squash (1/2 of a smallish one) with 4 oz mushrooms, shredded chicken (about 2 thighs worth), scallions, garlic, coconut milk & vinegar
  10. Really, two dates? As far as I know, dried fruit is totally compliant. They were not sweetened or anything. People on here talk about their "emergency Lara bars" all the time and you think because I ate two dates right after dinner I screwed up everything? I will admit, that does seem really harsh. I look forward to hearing from some other people.
  11. Gaileo

    AIP? *gulp*

    I did my first whole30 trying to stick to the AI & IBS protocol, but sort of slacked off on all the IBS parts (no fruit skin, always cook every vegetable) and also had some of the nuts I would buy for my boyfriend since he won't eat avocado. I really feel like eating the nuts caused me to have less than stellar results and I'm about to start again, being even more strict. At first I was really worried about no eggs or nightshades (I LOVE peppers and tomatoes, and eggs are so easy to cook and convenient) but it wasn't as hard as I thought! There is a huge variety out there. I used a lot of ground meat, sort of as an egg substitute. But nuts and seeds is hard, and I recommend researching which spices come from seeds because there are lots and I used a lot of them for a while before realizing they were from seeds (like mustard, which seems like a "duh" thing now but for some reason I didn't think of it). This post kinda seems like crazy rambling now that I reread it, but just wanted to share my experiences and some thoughts.
  12. It's day 30 of my Whole30. I have had a few ups and downs but mostly downs, and today I am feeling very down. I have been working so hard at this and following the meal plan as closely as possible and as far as I know, have not eaten anything non-compliant and only had something "not suggested" (canola oil) once, about a week in. I read ISWF before starting and have referenced it about a thousand times. I still crave all of the simple carbs and candies and crap I used to eat, pretty much constantly. I still have bloating and painful digestion after most meals, and bowel movements are always unpleasant in one way or the other. My acne has gotten worse. I can never sleep through the night anymore. I am still head-achy and low-energy and probably even more emotional and weepy. Honestly, the only difference I can see between how I felt before I started and how I feel now, is I am no longer feeling dependent on caffeine, and that would have also been true if I just stopped drinking coffee for 30 days. And I might have gained a little weight (not a bad thing, for me) because I don't skip meals anymore, but it might just be the bloat that is making me think so. I was just so sure that doing this would "fix me". It's pretty upsetting to have to deal with everyone calling me crazy for a month, spending most of my free time shopping, cooking, and doing dishes, to see literally no change or improvement in my life. I am starting to feel like maybe I really am crazy, the people who have been saying it to me really know what they are talking about, and the only way to survive in our modern world is with cups and cups of coffee and barrels of sugar. I have read this article several times trying to see what could have gone wrong. I am trying to focus on the positive changes, but I really just don't see any. OK, my fingernails seem a little less brittle, but come on. Could the two dates I had that one night I thought I deserved a treat after dinner have caused my lack of results? That seems unlikely. I guess my expectations were too high or I need more time, most likely both. Either way I am sad and frustrated and disappointed, and I don't know how much longer I can continue this when it hasn't really gotten any easier. At the same time I don't want to throw away all my hard work by just giving up. Any advice, encouragement, or input would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Gaileo

    Swiss Chard Wrap

    I saw a burrito-ish version of this on pinterest which caught my eye (I live in San Diego and am sort of missing burritos). Glad to hear it worked, I will have to give it a try!
  14. Gaileo

    food dreams

    I haven't eaten anything bad in my dreams yet, but last night I dreamed I cried in front of a bunch of people (my old coworkers, bizarrely) because they were all eating cookies and crackers and candy and I couldn't. One of them called me a weirdo and I responded by screaming something about not having had sugar in two weeks! I am even hard on myself in my dreams, I guess. And also feeling a little sorry for myself.
  15. Gaileo

    The crazy things people say

    I just heard my roommate say to the girl he has over, about me and my BF: "They are on some kind of weird... diet... thing... lots of vegetables". Hahahah! I guess I haven't done a very good job explaining it to him! Trying to lead by example instead of being annoying talking about it all the time.