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  1. This is my opinion so hopefully heads don't explode. I say don't start over. If you have been stellar everywhere else within the recommended plan, other than treating your body for an illness, why start over? I just had surgery on Tuesday, under anesthesia and all sorts of drugs but I am not starting over. But that's my opinion and I think the general consensus is to use your best judgement. It's not like you sneaked a chocolate chip cookie or two and then pondering whether or not to start over (in that case I would say YES!)
  2. So last night I dreamt I went off plan and had a couple of glasses of red wine - in the dream I thought we had passed day 30 but then I said to my husband - "wait! We are only on Day 28"! LOL
  3. To me, tater tots are just hash browns put into little shapes so not sure why it wouldn't be compliant. However, the store bought ones typically have non compliant things in them. But Tiffy - you can have "fries", just not in the style of fast food fries. You need to cut them yourself and make them homemade (baked in the oven). I tend to do that with rutabaga or sweet potato "fries". I just follow the recipes in the Whole30 cookbook and go from there.
  4. I am wondering if you could take some fresh (or compliant frozen) hash browns, and shape them into tator tots? Then saute them in coconut or avocado oil, or maybe ghee combo? Or you could add some kind of binding agent like a cassava flour and/or egg? I am just winging it at this point!
  5. Note: Just a report, not really a complaint or call for help Today is Day 13 for us. I'm finding that I am not that hungry and don't really care about food. I woke this morning and wanted my coffee (with Califia almond milk and ff coconut milk). I started cooking up some applegate sausage and warming up potatoes and brussels sprouts from last night's dinner - however I am just not very hungry! Last night we cooked a lovely fresh king salmon with a creamy artichoke heart/herb sauce, plus medley of roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts and carrots. I could finish the salmon but only half the
  6. My husband doesn't like eating eggs everyday (he's doing W30 as well) so I found this recipe called "Butternut Breakfast Meatballs" available here: My husband likes them and they are a fairly easy make ahead thing.
  7. Hi Tiffysquid, thanks for the feedback. My use of the term "breading" is confusing, admittedly. I was really referring to a "coating" for fish, poultry that can be used when baking or sautéing. Under the Whole30 rules, using almond, cassava, coconut flours etc are compliant within the context of cooking a protein - but not for the purpose of recreating "baked goods or treats". I just used the term "breading" as a catch-all for any whole30 compliant coating. You can refer to the Whole30 program rules somewhere on this site for more on this. The Suzanne Somers "breading" for fish is
  8. I just made the chicken stroganoff from this site last Saturday - a little time consuming with the prep (aren't they all!) but really satisfying.
  9. I will check out the other threads where you post your menu- I love fish and chips. Suzanne Somers had a book out about 20 years ago where she had a clever way to create a paleo "breading" to make fish and chips. I'll have to dig that up again. I think it might be compliant here as it is okay to use herbs and spices to create a breading. Last night's dinner was Chicken Stroganoff on leftover celery root/mashed potatoes with a spinach/power green salad, roasted butternut squash, red onion and pecans. Created a whole30 mayo based "creamy balsamic dressing" Really good. Last note: You
  10. That must be a LOT of La Croix. I usually have half a can at night with my husband and embellish it with a splash of unsweetened cherry juice or pineapple juice. Maybe add something to it to slow you down?
  11. Happy New Year and Happy Saturday - I started on Monday like many of you. This is my 3rd W30 - first one was in 2018. So today is Day 6 and I was planning to go to Barre class and completely flaked out. Woke up and just could not bother to pick up my head from the pillow. So I must be in the true "I just want to take a nap" phase of the timeline. I feel like a drank a bunch of wine last night, and I should know because I am used to drinking at least a couple of big glasses of wine on a Friday night. So at least I can take comfort in the fact it seems like I am syncing up to the W30 time
  12. Hi Sojo, I also use the Nutrafol supplements and just started the W30 on Monday. This is my third time. While I am not an authority on what you can and cannot have, based on my comprehension of all of the rules, I think the Stress Adaptors are not allowed but the Digestive Enzymes and the Women's Balance are okay. The Stress Adaptors appear to be the only non compliant supplement in the set. Let me know if you find out anything else.