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  1. Hadley F

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Hi @NZ Robin I hope your Whole30 is going well so far? I am a Certified Whole30 Coach in NZ and I have a few NZ resources on my website like recipes and also a FB group called KiwisWhoWhole30. Hope your first week is going well! I am running a Whole30 group in NZ that starts 1st Feb! Looking forward to my 5th Whole30 :) Warm Regards, Hadley The Remedy Project theremedyproject.co.nz
  2. Hadley F

    Hello from New Zealand!

    Hi Laura! Did you start your Whole30? I am a Whole30 coach in NZ and I have a group of people doing the September Whole30. I have info on my website of which brands are compliant in NZ and a Facebook Group called Kiwis Whole Whole30 if you would like to join Hope it is going well! hadley theremedyproject.co.nz
  3. Hadley F

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hi, are you still living the Paleo lifestyle? How did your Whole30 go last year? I have started a Facebook Page called Kiwi's Who Whole30 if you want to join us! Cheers!
  4. Hadley F

    Compliant Alfredo Sauce?

    You can make this with cashews but it can be seen as a SWYPO food if it is replacing a food and texture you over eat. Be cautious! Another poster made lasagne with cashews and the verdict was that it was a SWYPO food. Also this recipe calls for a vegan parmesean which you should omit... https://minimalistbaker.com/30-minute-cashew-alfredo/
  5. Hadley F

    Glutamine supplement

    also you could try magnesium sup
  6. Hadley F

    Cashew Cream Veggie Lasaga?

    Hi PamPlano, I agree with you that cashew cream can be a tasty addition to your diet however it sounds like it needs to be post Whole30 in order to be compliant. I make a lovely cashew cheese (I can't tolerate dairy) and it is MAGIC! I just use it as a topping on chili, tacos, etc and it does NOT trick me into thinking it is cheese. It just tastes good and is healthy so why not! ? This lasagne sounds perfectly compliant to me just as cauliflower rice and almond milk creamer is, but alas, that doesn't mean much. If someone thinks that adding cashew cream to a recipe is going to trick your brian into SWOPO they clearly have never eaten cashew cream! LOL!
  7. Hadley F

    Red wine & upset tummy

    Hi lil pixie, I have had something like this happen to be and it is possible that the sulfite in the wine is giving you a reaction. Test it again and if you get a similar result you can assume it is a problem. I have just reintroduced white wine and had a bad sinus reaction, asthma like symptoms and had a really foggy head for 24 hours. I tried something called wine drops in my next wine and it was no problem. Also there are sulfite free wines available. Just in case you find you have an issue. Good luck, Hadley Fierlinger
  8. Hadley F

    HELP! Quinoa + Reintro + Maybe-Bloating?

    Hi Laurab0804, Sorry you are having a hard time figuring out what is causing your bloating. In my opinion, these things can be quite tricky to nail down but you sound like you are interested in figuring it out which is great! (1) Yes, a reaction to any food can be longer than 2-3 days. The food can literally change the gut bacteria in your stomach in 24 hours and this can cause ripple effects. (2) Yes, your description of bloating is bang on. Although it sounds like you have it quite severely since you think you are preggers! I have that too so I totally get it! Scary stuff! (3) yes it could be nuts. Try removing all nuts for a week and then testing them again. (4) Low Fodmap is pretty hard to do and I would only recommend it for someone with severe gut issues. You want to be able to eat a board and varied diet full of lots of different things. Sleep and stress play a major role in everything so prioritize your sleep and make sure you add in some downtime, some meditation, yoga or stretching. Obviously people are all different but if you find yourself gaining weight after a Whole30 then it tells you that something you are eating is contributing to this. Hormones play a huge role in our weight and that is what I would look into if I were you. Have you read "it Starts with food?" I would recommend it. Good luck! Hadley
  9. Hadley F

    Low blood pressure

    Also Coconut Water is a great source of electrolytes and is compliant http://healthandwellness.kaplan.edu/articles/nutrition/Coconut water - Is it really natures sport drink.html
  10. Hadley F

    quick breakfast ideas beyond eggs

    Best to make breakfast the night before and have it ready to grab and go. Frittata is great for this as well as cooked sausage patties that you can quickly heat and eat. Powders etc are not really food are they? You want to slow down and chew so your brain and your digestion understand you are sending in good healthy food. Perhaps getting up 10 minutes earlier to allow for some breakfast time? Hadley
  11. Hadley F

    Meat and wine reduction

    I think if you are going along really well until now and don't have major allergies etc that you will be fine. I actually think you handled it very well. This is how I sometimes have to eat (dairy allergy) and I just have to do my best in the situation. Stressing about it does not help. Keep Calm and Carry ON! Hadley
  12. Hadley F

    January start, based in New Zealand

    Hi Leah, well congrats on your Whole30 success! Glad you made it work in the end. I have started a FB group called Kiwis Who Whole30 in case you want to share your experience or join in for support in the future. I order from iherb once a week and spend over $100 each time (I buy grocery items and supplements) and the shipping is $4-$12 and it arrives in about 5 days. I have never been disappointed with them. All the best, Hadley Hi Leah! I hope your Whole30 is going really well? I am in NZ and maybe I can help you source some Whole30 compliant products and local recipes? I am a health coach in Wellington and I work with people doing Whole30 http://theremedyproject.co.nz/ I use iherb to purchase Collagen peptides, ghee, Lara bars, Epic bars etc. If I spend over $100 NZD it is very low shipping and great value. https://secure.iherb.com/tr/list?id=259145903&rcode=WJR340 Please get in touch if you have any more questions! I would be happy to help Hadley Fierlinger
  13. Hadley F

    Vegan... Just starting out!

    HI Emt, good work making the connection that food impacts your health and also caring a lot about animals. It is often a hard balance to strike finding the best diet for your health and also making sure you are sourcing your food from good farmers that are caring about the environment. Yes I also would have to say that lentils tend to be problematic for IBS (I found this out my reintroducing them and WHAM!) and contribute to inflammation. If you are eating soy, I recommend that the bulk of soy you eat is fermented as in organic tempeh. It is easier on digestion. Arthritis is a disease of inflammation which is what makes the Whole30 so successful for people. I hope you find a way to reduce your IBS and Arthritis. Hadley
  14. Hadley F

    Compliant Coconut Milk

    Hi there! Great detective work looking into the ingredients and searching up the 407 numbers! Manufacturers don't want to tell us what is really in our food do they? The Gum 407 is Carrageenan which is and non-compliant ingredient. And for good reason! This is from It Starts With Food "Carrageenan is Inflammatory if it gets into the body, which could happen if you have increased gut permeability. (Carrageenan is actually used to create inflammation in lab animals)." And I would like to suggest that all of us have some gut permeability which is why we are seeking better health. Best to keep away from these additives as they just work against you Have you tried making your own Almond Milk? It is so delish and way cheaper than store bought. Hadley
  15. Hadley F

    Compliant Coconut Milk

    Hi Leah, The best coconut milk/cream in NZ is Aroy. It is free of any additives and the real deal! See if you can find it around where you live or try an asian grocery? I have a milk frother that I use to make a Almond milk latte. It is pretty great! Check Almond Milk brands for same additives etc as coconut milk. I often make my own which is so yummy!