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  1. When do we add in things that weren't in the ISWF reintroduction plan such as white potatoes? Also, can we combine the reintroductions when one is over? For example put peanut butter on whole wheat toast when it comes time for legume reintroduction and grain reintroduction has already passed?
  2. Hi guys! I'm on Day 11 and I feel awful. I have a horrible sore throat that won't be consoled with tea or applesauce. I'm so nauseas I can't smell, look at, or even think about food but my stomach is growling. I don't think I'm sick because I have more energy than I'm used to and don't have the whole-body aches that come when I get sick. Any advice?
  3. Whole Foods Animal Welfare Standards

    Okay thanks so much Johnny!
  4. Whole Foods Animal Welfare Standards

    Okay thank you!!
  5. Whole Foods Animal Welfare Standards

    Also, only some of them are organic, and I don't think they mention grass-fed. Are animals that are pastured automatically grass-fed?
  6. Hey guys! I was at Whole Foods in the meat department the other day looking at ground beef and steaks and a lot of them were only a 1 or 2 on their Animal Welfare Standards scale. Here's a link to it: Whole30 would encourage looking for the 4 or 5 level right? I purchased some ground beef that was a 4 but there weren't many choices over a 2. Would eating a 1 or 2 be okay once in a while? I feel like they're all a step above most grocery chains regular meat.