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  1. KelKel

    Sourcing food in Australia

    I buy it in sachets from a big greengrocers in chadstone, so I guess any grocer with an international food section or asian supermarket would have it. I've also seen it in tubs (which make 40! serves...and given that I'm a wimp and use 2/3 serves...) at Thomas Dux for $6 Not long after I bought it I read in a food article on the gaurdian website that thai chefs recommend it as being the most authentic! yay!
  2. KelKel

    Sourcing food in Australia

    I HAAIGHLY (you say that in a posh voice) recommend Mae Ploy for your curry paste. It's thai, it's free of nasties, its cheap, its everywhere. Another question...has anyone tried the whole 'ordering half/quarter of a cow direct from the farmer' business? It's seems like a good way to get an enormous amount of organic/grass fed/local/yay good feelings for small farmers style meat for not too much money.