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  1. I don't know if this is something you can talk about with your nephew, but I found trusting myself and taking advice (medical, but also often anecdotal!) all with a grain of salt, to be super helpful in getting better. There's actually still so much science doesn't know about treating anxiety and drepression....even exactly how antidepressants work! I went on them for a little while for GAD, and while I think they got me through a rough patch, they weren't the solution forever, except doctors weren't giving me the solution forever, I had to find that out for myself. I think doing something like whole30 can be really empowering because you physically feel the effects of treating your body with respect...its a pretty powerful feeling to wake up and go 'holy shit, I haven't feel anxious all week...maybe this is awesome?!' Especially if he's got some one there to help him like you (and you let him lead how much help is given/taken.) One personal point is, as some one who also used to suffer an eating disorder (I guess this could be relevant to anyone who gets obssessive behaviours)...I'd tried googling the negatives of whole 30 and the ONLY thing I could come up with is that it makes some people obsessive about food. So at the start I told myself I was going to eat whole30 style, but not beat myself up about finishing things off in my cupboard, or obsess over restaurant menus....but I planned lots of meals well, and then found myself being compliant really easily! So it turned into proper whole30 without any obsessing at all! And now I feel so good sugar cravings (the only real craving I still get) are easy to beat, because I don't want to feel shit, it's as simple as that.
  2. KelKel

    Too much fat??

    Well if my thumb was a sack (creepy??) I could probably get 2-4 tablespoons in there...Now I feel like I have enormous thumbs!!! But if it's dressing, I'd probably only use 1-2 table spoons of oil on a salad with lean protien so I probably need to chuck some avocado in there.
  3. KelKel

    Too much fat??

    Ok, while we're talking all things fatty...can some one clarify what a thumb amount of oil is? I find that terminology confusing because i can't visualise my thumb being made of oil....Is it like 2-3 tablespoons? I'm actually wondering if I'm using too little oil when that's the only fat in my meal.
  4. KelKel

    My first post and I need help

    I really hope this doesn't come across as snarky, but if you're friends are trying to lose weight, could you support them by sharing great recipes or doing activities that don't centre around food? Calorie counting is just such an easy way to stay chained to that obsessive diet culture that surrounds us, rather than actually seeking health.
  5. KelKel

    should i stick with it?

    As a (hopefully getting better) all-or-nothing-er miyself, I highly recommend sticking with what makes you feel good, and then if you need a treat, have one. That's actually how I eased myself into eating whole30. I was worried that if I just straight away went full tilt, I'd end triggering my eating disorder, so I just eased myself into it for a week, telling myself 'I'll eat compliant as long as it doesn't stress me out' .... I ended up feeling so good I just stuck to it! You also might feel so rough after your night out you want to get straight back into it!!
  6. KelKel

    coconut flour?

    I don't know if you missed any, but I don't think there'd be any more that you'd need. Coconut flour is great for dusting meat or a little bit of thickening and tapioca is perfect to replace corn starch in anything that needs proper thickening. I don't keep almond flour, mostly because the temptation to bake become very very strong.
  7. KelKel

    coconut flour?

    Does anyone else just stick their face in the coconut flour bag and inhale the smell? It smells so dessert-y I sometimes can't open it in case I get into a frenzy and run down the street to buy sixteen coconut macaroons
  8. ALL OF THIS. Also Whoop Whoo to the GAD team in the house. Sugar out. Caffiene out. Routine in. Not a magical cure all but pretty damn amazing impact.
  9. I don't want to open any cans of worms but I want to very gently step in a suggest that weight = health is something that we shouldn't ever project on to other people. Using it as you're own measure is fine, and as lots of people have said, they started feeling better, lost weight, feel even better! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel fitter, stronger, leaner, faster...and oftern that might mean losing weight. But I think we also need to be aware that there are a bazillion other ladies our there who might be overweight, but really healthy in so many ways, and lots of underweight people that might terribly unhealthy. I think its a sad trap that we fall into that assumes overweight = unhealthy. It does for some but it's definitely not one size fits all (pardon the terrible pun!) Also, to use your own words, 'healthy as she could be'....for some people that will be overweight. Like myself, right now, overweight is as healthy as I can be. I look after myself, I've got myself through an eating disorder, I'm winning at this health thing and I maybe I'll lose weight, but I'm saddened to think some one (which I know they do) sees my fat self and just automatically thinks 'eurgh unhealthy fatty, eat a salad!' I'M ALWAYS EATING SALAD AND IT'S DELIGHFUL THANK YOU VERY MUCH. EDITED TO ADD... I just want to double, trip reiterate that I'm not having a go at people who use weight loss as their own measure of health, I just think it's a minefield of snap judgements and generalisations to use it on other people.
  10. KelKel


    I was crazy thirsty in the first week, and I have a couple of (unscientific) theories. One is that giving up sugar and caffiene at the same time, the thirst was one of the 'withdrawal' symptoms. Secondly, I realised that most days I'd have a big milky coffee with breakfast, and a can or two of coke during the day...which is actually quite a lot of liquid. So the answer for some people might just be that you've cut out bad beverages, which still to an extent quench your thirst, but forgot to replace that with water.
  11. KelKel

    Whole30 Fail - Not enough groceries

    I think veggies are the thing I notice the most...going from hardly ever eating them, combined with eating out constantly, it now feels like I'm constantly buying veggies. When I spent 30 dollars last night just on veggies (produce is SO expensive here) I was peeved, but then I remembered that I would only get two take away breakfasts for that, so I win! Also when I cleaned out all the discounted organic meat to stock up my freezer, the cashier asked me if I was having a party. Nope, just a girl with a stack of red meat.
  12. KelKel

    Rescue my mayo

    works every time ... except when I'm making it!!! I had a total fail with the immersion blender thing last night but I did it whisking by hand and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY, and I got an arm work out.
  13. I'm just gonna throw this in a bomb...of LOVE! Something that I think is important to keep in the back of our minds when we're talking about weight...especially amongst that no matter how hard you try, it's always going to be a totally loaded issue, because society is setting us up to fail. We've spent our whole lives being told that thin = better. Every. Single. Day. Thin = healthy. Thin = beautiful. Thin = acceptable. If you lose weight you're a winner, if you gain weight you're a failure. Some of us try very hard and very deliberately to break that thinking, but it's like pushing honey uphill. It can also be very hard to untangle those feelings of just wanting to be healthier, when you hear back is 'omg you look so good since you lost weight!' 'omg you're looking skinny, it's hot!'... Like to the world, it doesn't matter that I feel a bajillion times better, what's important is that I'm a smaller dress size. So the point is (I have one, I swear) is that it's damn hard talking about this stuff, it's even bloody harder feeling this stuff. So whatever you're thinking about it, if you've thought about it critically, and you're making the right choices for you, and you're respecting other people, then you're doing it right. You're doing it right!
  14. KelKel

    Soooo sick of oil/vinegar for salad dressing...

    So I tried to make my own mayo tonight, and doing it with the stick blender (immersion blender to you guys!) was a total bust....into the bin Out came the whisk and metal bowl, and after 5 minutes and a sore arm, I have the most ARM-MAZING (sorry..) mayo. So I would highly recommend giving it a go! Plus one bowl and one whisk is pretty easy to clean up.
  15. KelKel

    Sourcing food in Australia

    I buy it in sachets from a big greengrocers in chadstone, so I guess any grocer with an international food section or asian supermarket would have it. I've also seen it in tubs (which make 40! serves...and given that I'm a wimp and use 2/3 serves...) at Thomas Dux for $6 Not long after I bought it I read in a food article on the gaurdian website that thai chefs recommend it as being the most authentic! yay!