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  1. I want to eat it all! (HELP)

    Thanks! @RB1 Have read FFF, don't remember that though. Am going to read it again at the end of my Whole30. Might try this method next time. @TJHigh I used a little bit of grapefruit oil on magnesium salt and took a nice long bath. No face mask, but Hair mask and then I cuddled with my two cats in comfy clothes on the bed and I actually watched some reruns of a very sad show and cried a little everytime it got too sad, this actually was very therapeutic, until it was time to make diner. It worked! Diner was great and I am over the worst today. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will bring me enough joy to forget about the stress of this week and charges me to take on next week. We will stay strong! Thanks!
  2. Day 19 and I have had an increasing hunger for.. everything! these past couple of days Licorice, French fries, candy, wine, whiskey, more candy, chips... you name it. I sooooo desperately want it! I have been doing fine, but I just now have gotten to that stage where I want to give up (I think it's just something that's in me, I remember giving up around day 21 in the past) I am not feeling tiger blood yet, have little other no scale succeses to report and desperately want to get on a scale because maybe that's a victory I can add to the list to keep myself going. So I can't pull myself through on NSV's alone. I have been doing everything right. Keeping as much to the meal template as I can, no hidden sugars or anything, going to bed on time, pitch dark room. Only thing is, I have had a lot of stress and this week has been a very stressful week for me after having some breathing room and time away from certain stressors the past couple of months, I am now at a point where I have to face them. So my emotional eating disorder is really pulling hard to get me of the whole30 path. Besides taking a bath or going for a walk. Does anyone have any other suggestions to get me through these cravings and help me deal with the stress? I can't get rid of it, it's something I need to work through instead of running away from. The whole30 has given me the strength this far, but I am afraid it might not be enough to get me through it all.
  3. exhausted

    I myself am not feeling the energy surge yet either. But I believe it's due to the amount of stress that I have had the past year and am still experiencing. I am taking strength and NSV's in the fact that the whole30 is helping me keep my head up and through the lasts bits of stress, anxiety and heartache. Mind you, stress and the like also have a big influence on your health and energy. Are you maybe, without knowing it, experiencing some type of stress of have you been dealing with stressful situations the past year? Even events that seem joyful like moving house or changing jobs (hello dream house or job) can actually have a big impact.
  4. @SugarcubeOD But my lunch does have protein! Two homemade grassfed beef burgers loaded with spinach and dried tomatoes. I am actually not eating that many snacks anymore, So I do believe I am on the right track, when it comes to meal sizes. I just sometimes get it wrong and that's when I make a snack. I said ham, but that's because I couldn't think of the right name for other, whatyamacall it's (I'm Dutch, living in the Netherlands, though my English is rather good I sometimes black out on certain words, this is one of them ^D^ ) so I actually don't mean ham but more the beef variety and I buy those online from two suppliers that have grassfed beef (and pasture raised pigs and chickens). I am discovering that roasting veggies is really very easy. I don't know why I struggled with it in the past. Guess now that I don't have much of a choice it somehow magically works. So I think I will try to roast some butternut pumpkin or such next week (meal plan is already made, bought and prepped for this week). I was thinking maybe avocado oil isn't the best option for me, because of my suspicion of maybe having a bit of an intolerance to them. Hence the not making mayo with it. Next week a new month starts (aka payday is there) so I can buy myself some mct oil and make my own mayo again and will leave the avocado' out of my meals and see how it goes. Oh and yes! Chipotle for the win! I love chipotle it helped me through the first two weeks. I put it on everything. Haha, now I notice I don't need it that much anymore and everything is starting to taste better or good again. But I will keep that trick on hand, might I find something isn't tasting that good to me (like homemade mayo). Thank you!
  5. @SugarcubeOD thank you. I haven't thought of the sun dried tomatoes in oil, I think that is a good suggestion. (Not big on the olives either and have tried that but learned I mostly just eat around them after two bites). Mayo is an option, but I would have to make it myself if I eat it in the amounts necessary to sub the avocado because the one (semi compliant) mayo I can buy here is one that is made with sunflower oil so I try to limit using it. (one of) the book(s) says sunflower oil is okay because it is in almost everything, just to try and keep it to a minimum such as eating out and not stressing over it. Making it myself means buying very expensive MCT oil, because all the olive oil and other oils have such a distinct taste I end up with mayo I don't eat because, well.. grose. (Man, never realized I am such a picky eater! ) I have tried different squashes, also not really my thing, but maybe I should try to incorporate more of that in my diners (turnips is same as the potato.. again I am such a child, yuck). I say diners because I know I can't have any starchy sugary foods in the morning or even for lunch without having cravings all day long. So I have learned to leave that for dinner. Though I do eat carrots daily, they are my go to snack with some broth or sugar free bacon or ham. I actually think maybe the stoned thing comes from sleeping those long hours? This morning I just woke up after a very short night of only 4 hours and I don't feel the groggy stonednes. (though now I just felt very depressed and emotional). But I'll just keep tracking to see if maybe it is just that. I have a pitch black and cool bedroom, been doing my evening routine for getting ready. Got f.lux and Twilight on my phone and dim the lights as sleeping time approaches. I drink a lot of tea (green in mornings, herbal in afternoon and evenings) during the day and every plate has some kind of salt on it. Today's menu: 1: Sheetpan breakfast of bacon, three eggs, red onion and brussels sprouts and an avocado if ripe enough. (Love all of this, though eggs on sheetpan not the greatest but will have to make due) 2: Sheetpan lunch of dried tomato & spinach burger and a green salad with steamed broccoli & green asparagus and an oil and vinegar dressing 3: Sheetpan diner of salmon with fennel and tomatoes doused in mustard and caper saus (All the sheetpan meals are because we are renovating and have no kitchen, so I we have an improvised kitchen in one of the bedrooms. I have a machine for steaming our food/meals, an oven, a microwave and a multi cooker. The latter will be unavailable until Wednesday because I am slowcooking some bones for broth).
  6. So I'm on day 15 and not at all impatience of certain outcome (where are you tiger blood?) but I do struggle a bit with some issues that I think need an approach that doesn't work for me either. Here they are: 1. My stool is still loose. What I find if this happens is you should eat more starchy fibers like (sweet)potatoes and tubers. Problem is, I steer away from those cause of sugar issues. I feel better when I do not eat them. If I do it takes up all my strength and thus there is no willpower left for any other situations that needs some willpower. Also, I kinda do not like them anyways, and one rule is this should be making me happy and eating nice healthful things I like is better that yucky things I don't like. Right? (all my plates are almost always compliant to the whole30 ratio's and I try to mix up and eat a good variety of veggies daily). Question: Are there any other things I could do to firm up my stool? 2. I think I have an intolerance for avocado's, but they are the best thing yet to add to my morning plate to help me be energized and fill me up until plate number two around lunchtime comes along. Why I think I am intolerant is the fact that my skin hasn't cleared up, I actually think the previous problem is also linked to eating an avocado almost daily (not all days I do try other things like adding more ghee or oil to my plate instead of the avocado (no luck there yet :/ ) Breakfast usually is three baked eggs, baked veggies and an avocado (sometimes little tomatoes, a cup of broth or carrot slices aswel) Question: What can I do besides adding ghee or oil to my plate to keep me satisfied in the morning until lunchtime? 3. I feel almost stoned every morning the last couple of days. I do feel that my brain is less foggy, but still I feel that I am still doing something that is keeping me away from that freeing energy you get from going through a whole30. I have no idea where to look other than eat more tubers and such, but as stated in the first issue, I do not want to. Also yesterday evening I tried it. I ate sweet potato mash with sauerkraut and almost instantly felt so so nauseated I am hesitant to try it again. And last Thursday I made a slowcooker meal with sweet potato but it tasted so awful to me I only ate one peace of sweet potato so don't think that could really tell me anything of how I would react to more starchy tubers and potatoes other than I really do not enjoy them. Question: Any suggestions that can help me locate the reason of why I feel so stoned?
  7. @Brewer5 Thank you, I didn't know that specifically. I haven't been eating more nightshades, no potatoes, only tomatoes and peppers and lots of chipotle. I am not ready to try to eliminate them though, first of just the whole30, if that isn't enough I thought of working up to doing a period of AIP. By the by, I just came from my doctor and though blood tests have been negative, I got a referral to go see a RA specialist. So we'll see what that will bring.
  8. Old Injury Flare Up

    Hi there. The book does say it flares can happen before improvement comes looking. I myself have the same problem in my hand. It's not an old injury but it is a pain in my hand that just flared up again. Also an old injury in my foot was naging me a couple of days ago, luckily that din't stay. May I ask, are you eating food that you previously didn't or almost never ate? Did you maybe, without really giving it any thought, change shoes of started to go for hikes? Maybe less magnesium or such? (have to admit, kinda asking to see if maybe we can help each other, am not a doctor or expert in any way) Hope it is just a flare up like the book says and it will pass soon. Hang in there!
  9. Just a little update... the pain has been too much at some points the past couple of days, so I am going to see my doctor today. I hope to find the courage to open up the conversation about all these weird things going on with my body and what I am doing now (Whole30, finding food connections) and see what my doctor thinks and has to say...
  10. Thanks all! Feeling a lot better this morning. I'm on day 9, it's early morning now and I'm just about to pop some breakfast in the oven after doing some morning reading. Don't know how to track if I'm getting enough electrolytes. I drink mostly green and herbal tea, take in different types of salt during the day depending on meal and drink at least one cup of homemade bone broth (also added dead sea salt or pink hymalaya salt) and just about every meal keeps true to the Whole30 meal template, though I sometimes struggle getting more veggies on my plate and my meat/protein portion can be the main ingredient in my meal (this mostly at breakfast) @RandiW I'm from the Netherlands. As far as I know I've never had a tick bite and haven't been tested for lime disease. Also whenever I feel overwhelmed by the symptoms and am desperate to find an answer I Google the symptoms and rarely come to Lime. Fibromyalgia or reumathism mostly. Maybe I should ask about lime disease if the pains stay after my Whole30. I have done the whole30 before, years ago and was following a paleo lifestyle for some time and felt better than ever no pains as far as I can remember and less allergies acting up. Unfortunately losing my job and struggling with my self-esteem due to that whole experience let me of that path and it has taken me years, numerous failed whole30 and clean eating attempts to get back on the whole30 and feeling as confident as I do now. That's why I first want to get my diet and lifestyle back in order before seeing another doctor. Hopefully the latter won't be necessary and the experience will once and for all give me enough reasons to stick with it, even through the hard times.
  11. I folks, First of, I'm Dutch so please excuse any simple or faulty language. I am in tears right now with a messed up not so delicious lunch in front of me because of pain in my left hand thumb. So I need to rant a little to get over the worst hump and keep eating on, cause the pain is seriously messing up my appetite. One of the reasons for me to get back on the Whole30 track is because I keep having these unexplainable pains and episodes of flue-like body aches throughout my body. It's been in my left foot for the longest time, nobody could find anything wrong. It was in my knee last summer, nobody could find anything wrong. My neck has been acting up past fall and as of a couple of weeks ago my left hand thumb keeps acting up. It was the weirdest thing. I went to wash my hair and it just started to hurt so much that tears just came flowing without any control. I've had blood tests, twice (amongst other things for RA), but they can't see anything wrong with me, the physical therapist that was working on my knee didn't understand it either. I chalk it up to my body reacting to stress, from mind but especially stress on the body due to several food intolerances. (Stone fruits, nuts, black pepper, all the hay-fever) When after the Whole30 (maybe I will make it a 60 or 90) I want to re-evaluate and see if my body is still acting up if so, I will again go see my doctor, if not I will experiment during my reintroduction period to see if indeed it is due to some food of another. Anyway, just needed to distract myself and thanks ya'll it worked! Tears have dried up, got trough the worst of the pain and am eating my chicken now, just a good thing you can't see me, cause I am cutting it like a little kid 'cause I can't hold the knife in the normal way and cut. :') Anyone got similar unexplainable problems and tips how to deal with it to make it through this Whole30?