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    How much is everyone eating?

    Hey @klnyc It's okay to not know what your best meal sizes and ratio's are on day 2. I had to find my ratio's too and also am still working up to more veggies and a little less protein (I do not feel okay with eating so much animal protein and can only handle a couple of eggs a day, also meat and fish are expensive for me because I only want to eat grassfed/pasture raised due to my love for animals and me wanting them to have had a good life. I am always very grateful for the meat and fish on my plate and it makes me eat more conscious aswel). For me, I started with two eggs sunny side up, three bacon strips, half an avocado and during the first week upped the veggies by stir frying them for breakfast. (also, had to work up to eating within an hour of waking up) On days I was hungry before lunchtime I would snack on some carrot and bacon (or other compliant deli meat), have some bone broth with veggies or some other combo of veggies and protein or fat. Lunch mainly consisted of leftover diner with added veggies or protein or another stir fry with meat or fish. Diner has varied a lot. I try to keep it simple but tasteful, upping my veggies even more by adding spices or compliant homemade sauces. (Also, I put a lot of chipotle on my meals, it helped me to grow into liking the vegetables. Everyday I made more when I noticed I still needed to snack to make it to the next meal. I am on day 17 now and am confident of the amount of food I need to put on my plate and are now focused more on eating more veggies and finding a balance. How much fat do I need to add so I can eat less protein and more veggies... My meals Monday, yesterday and today: Breakfast: Three eggs (hard boiled), sheetpan baked brussels sprouts, red onion and three slices of bacon with an avocado Lunch: Spinach and dried tomato patties with grassfed beef (great way to eat more veggies is to put in in home made patties/meatballs and such) with a big salad that among other things holds steamed broccoli and asparagus and raw yellow and red belpepper with a very simple dressing of lime juice and olive oil Diner: sheetpan diners like salmon with fennel and cherry tomatoes, chicken sausage with endive salade and tonight will be asian beef and broccoli (I believe this recipe comes from ' It Starts With Food'. As you can see, I myself steer clear from nuts and fruits. This has more to do with the fact that those just not sit well with me. I am not allergic but do notice a negative effect on me. So I keep consumption to a minimum, an occasional recipe with orange juice, blueberries or almonds is fine, but I will incorporate those recipes after the whole30. Having said that, I do not lead a very active life at the moment, but would I still be doing crossfit every week and hiking more actively I would need to incorporate more potatoes and tubers. That is something you will figure out for yourself during your whole30. I have found that some "problems" may come looking where you read others haven't or that it may take you longer to work through them. (for me this was loose stool, It has taken 2,5 weeks, but now it's fine, it just needed patience, and I do not have a tiger blood yet but notice my transition to more energy throughout the day is gradually growing and getting there on a slower steady pace and that's fine too). Long story short, it's like Ladyshanny said: try to up the veggies and add fat to every meal. If you still need snacks (are you really okay with eating some steamed fish and broccoli?) then increase your next meal and see if that is enough.