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    What's for dinner?

    Not low key tonight. We are having crab hand rolls from the first nomnom paleo cookbook. Not low key because I have a pound of picked crab meat. I had to time the ripening of the avocado with the development of the sprouts, which took take about 4-5 days to be done. So a highly planned and expensive, but delicious looking meal. My low key go to meals are things like a salad, roasted veggies, and a meat. The cracklin chicken on the nomnom paleo website is absolutely delicious for having just chicken, oil, and salt (and a cast iron skillet).
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    Rural area....

    How did your ghee get ruined? Did you burn it? I make my ghee in the oven. I put a pound of butter in a Dutch oven (you could use any ovenproof pan) that is set to 250 degrees. After an hour or so, I start checking every 15 minutes, and pull it out when the milk solids have started to brown. Then I strain it and put it in the fridge. For straining, I recently have been using a clean Handiwipes in a mesh strainer. Cheesecloth is ideal, but I ran out and improvised. (Tried a coffee filter, but it was too slow). If cooking is the issue, nomnom paleo has a bunch of recipes that have pictures of each step. Even some videos. I learned how to spatchcock a chicken there! :-) You mentioned looking for bone broth, but it's very expensive pre-made. I buy all my chicken bone in on sale (some whole/not cut up, some thighs, some breasts). If a recipe calls for boneless/skinless, I remove the skin and throw it away. I save the bones in a big ziplock in the freezer, and when I get to a couple pounds, make bone broth (lots of recipes online). Whole30 doesn't have to be expensive if you start with very basic ingredients. I agree that eggs cooked in olive oil sound gross. Get your ghee making skills together, or try something like avocado oil. Where I am, Whole30 bacon is only at health food stores and super expensive. If you want breakfast meat now and then, buying ground pork and making homemade breakfast sausage is likely a cheaper and easier to find option. You can do this. It's harder because of your location, but you can do it. :-)