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  1. dianne m

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Day by Day was INVALUABLE to me. It's worth the money. It was my companion, and helped work through the challenges. I highly recommend it to anyone. I did my first W30 for January - and did really well on it. Have relaxed the strict rules for dining out, but am basically still on plan having reintroduced only wine at dinner. I also had dessert on my birthday. But, now I'm back to it! Go team!
  2. dianne m

    January 2nd Starter's Reintro thread

    Hi all, My reintro is going great. No side effects from wine or the birthday dessert. Have not fully experimented with red wine, but the Sauv Blanc is fine. I thought sulfites would be a problem and have not discounted that it may still manifest. I suspect when I reintroduce yogurt & cheese these will be my triggers, so I am putting that off!! Sticking as close to the plan as I can without freaking out about added sugar in food prep or butter (in "steamed" veggies) at the past quilty weekend or restaurants. Really feeling benefits of organic/sustainable foods and am checking out farmers' markets for healthy skin care/hair care/cleansers. Still feeling great and want to feel this good when I start the Lenten40 ... hoping for really routine good sleep and habits after that. Have a great week!
  3. dianne m

    Starting January 2!

  4. dianne m

    Starting January 2!

    @SugarcubeOD, I understand I should be on a different thread, but these are the peeps who helped me get through this whole thing, so I am hoping someone will post a link as to where we go from here (on the forum). I feel a connection to the people I met here. @LagunaRover - what a great list! Mine would be very similar, and you touched on some that I didn't even realize. ....and also a great realization about wine. That was my plan too. Wine first and will probably try yogurt next. I went on a quilting retreat from the 1st-4th and was surrounded by candy, cookies, chocolate, chips, crackers, cheese, (all the dangerous "Cs"), fudge, brownies, the entire time. I was a nerd and brought a cooler of pre-made meals (although the cafeteria did serve nearly compliant meals and I was able to partake), and my own wine (white, so less sulfites I'm told), and I am happy to say - I was did great! Not one bite, not one craving for any of the sweets. No adverse effects from wine. We went to a nice restaurant for my birthday last night - and I had one celebratory thing off plan - something delectable that would be totally worth it - and it was - bananas foster bread pudding. YUM. It was my choice, I savored every bite and even left some on the plate. (Who am I??) No adverse effects, but I want to keep losing weight (down 11 pounds), and know that I can control what I put in my mouth. Anyway, thank you to all for helping me get through this, and for helping with whatever is to come. I will keep an eye for a post W30 site where we can meet again. Cheers, d
  5. When I see above people talking about drinking while making dinner, that seems dangerous to me. I learned years ago that one of the reasons you should always drink with food, is that you will feel hungry before you are actually hungry, and will possibly eat more.
  6. dianne m

    Starting January 2!

    I didn't have one dream about food. But, awoke having dreamt that The Edge was my buddy for the last two days. I'll take it!
  7. dianne m

    Starting January 2!

    @MaineacMom I don't have kiddos, so I can only imagine! You are so strong and I applaud you for making that oooey gooey thing and not caving!! Because of my near instant improvement in allergy symptoms, my very good friend is on day 9! She has terrible eye/skin allergies and is tilting her W30 to remove the chronic offenders. She is doing very well and it's fun to be her cheerleader! I didn't sleep well the last few nights and I definitely feel more bloated as a result. The day counting added more stress, it seems, since Day 27. I am now not going to even think about what "day" it is and just continue with reintroduction and listen to my body. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE - WE DID IT!! And I agree - this forum has been a great support and with the unknowns ahead, I am hoping we can stay in touch. Cheers all!!
  8. dianne m

    Starting January 2!

    Kinda sorta off point - but, how cool is that super blue blood moon this morning!!?? Well, maybe not totally off point - I mean, this is DAY 30, after all!! ...from the Griffith Observatory. Also peeking at me through my kitchen window as I type this at 4:13am. (I'm having my third not-so-great night of sleep in a row - but that crisp beautiful sight is worth it!)
  9. dianne m

    Starting January 2!

    we are almost there!! wine. on thursday. one glass. i'm surprised that i have not been tempted by wine at all during this process. have been to at least three celebrations and it's in the house. also, truth be told, i was worried about the possibility of not being able to do without! such insights. gum or breath mints, in a pinch, on the other hand. ugh.
  10. dianne m

    Starting January 2!

    @MaineacMom and FairlyLou and others - glad to see the reintroduction mentioned. I am going back and forth on which way to do it. I believe I will reintroduce wine first as I will be at a 4 day quilting retreat beginning 2/1 and one glass with dinners should be fine. Precooked my meals and have my cooler ready to pack. And then, next week, probably a little dairy (Faje plain yogurt, specifically). Not a legume eater, and the bread I can live without (well, I guess I just proved I can live without all of it). As day 30 approaches, I find I am more interested in what the scale might NOT say. How will I handle the disappointment if I haven't lost any weight? I keep telling myself this wasn't the main reason for doing W30, and I see others are having visible results, getting compliments/people noticing. I guess I wanted that, too. Granted, the sore joints are much improved. Sleep is better. Allergies are, as well. I know I'm supposed to focus on that, but still. Anyway. In general, I am becoming anxious about day 31.
  11. dianne m

    Starting January 2!

    I am seriously thinking about it. Just trying to determine how difficult it will be to remain wholeheartedly on this during upcoming trial (I work in a law firm).
  12. dianne m

    Starting January 2!

    So, I work in $F, and am usually running late in the am, so, I end up buying breakfast and lunch. Then there is the occasional "hey, wanna take a walk and get some coffee?" afternoon things - so it REALLY adds up - we are talking $15 minimum per day/5 days a week (sometimes weekends). And don't even get me started on the easy 7:30 pm text to the hubs "do I need to bring home dinner?" which results in my picking up dinner for two between bus stop and home and blowing $40 - $50+ more than once a week (and, I would sit and drink a glass of wine while I waited, which is across the board insanely expensive in the bay area). At the beginning I went hog wild and spent what I thought was a lot of money on the staples listed - the organic everything at Whole Foods and felt like it was costing a fortune. But, in reality, I didn't need all those staples (... yet, so I am set for Lent, perhaps), and found some very comparable organics at the close-by Safeway and local organic leaning stores. But, we drink more than 3 bottles of wine per week (being honest ), so that savings is huge, and the hubs has been drinking beer, but it hasn't affected my resolve. (I have a decent stash of wine in my basement that has not tempted me once, btw... it's crazy). So, I'm with you LagunaRover - at the outset it seemed like it was costing a fortune, but I pull my debit card out of my wallet, like NEVER, during the workweek, and I think the credit union is about to call to see if I'm okay or got a divorce, bc my spending is nil.
  13. dianne m

    Starting January 2!

    I just clicked on that meal plan and I am IN! I didn't really identify it as food boredom, but it's Saturday and I don't feel like brainstorming to do something new and exciting. Now, I can just head to the farmers' market with this week's plan in hand. Thank you and GREAT JOB IN NYC!!! Don't you feel good about yourself and your commitment?
  14. dianne m

    Starting January 2!

    I know this isn't helpful, but I simply cannot recall the last time I had my monthly visitor! But, I do sympathize, because been there. done that. and caved. Do the spicey, herbal teas do any good? Lemon water or tea have been my go tos this month. Make sure you don't have anything in your environment - maybe buy some flowers to distract, and treat yourself - it's been a strong 3 weeks!! You know what I really am missing? Breath mints or gum! More than just about anything. It's the thing I reach for and stop in my tracks ... sure didn't think that was a downfall ... till today, it really hit. I have to go away for 2 days for intense work thing - 2 day meeting; staying at a top notch hotel. And I have the cooler packed. I actually cut and served a gorgeous 5 layer chocolate cake today. Not one crumb went in my mouth. I didn't even lick the frosting off my fingers! But, I really wanted gum.
  15. dianne m

    Starting January 2!

    Back from weekend with the gals and I did great! I answered a bazillion questions cheerfully and no one tried to pressure me into drinking the wine - and I didn't feel like I was missing out for a second. I stuck to tea and my protein salad, roasted butternut squash & other stuff I can't recall. [I guess the brain fog hasn't quite lifted. ] Hey all - didn't it feel great to wake up to day 20? HOME STRETCH! I hope everyone has a great week!