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  1. TamMarie

    Starting Oct 1

    Hi Folks! I am doing my 7th Whole30. Each time I learn something new during the re-introduction phase. We do the reset quarterly. I started the whole30 journey a year and a half ago with the first one completed April 2017. My husband and I do this together. His doctor suggested it at the same time my dietitian suggested it. I was suffering from anxiety, headaches, nausea, and extreme fatigue (that my primary doctor called normal for me). For me, my symptoms were because of certain foods that I was eating and the whole30 proved to me that I could feel good! And how I was feeling was not normal (which I knew). I also found that I cannot eat almond flour, cauliflower or coconut milk. I have lots some weight and inches but that is not why I am doing this. I want to feel good consistently! Looking better is a bonus! I do the slow slide (food freedom forever book triggers) back to feeling yucky between resets. Eat something I know will cause issues because it is super yummy. Feel okay. Repeat, until I hit a wall and end up exhausted headache anxiety. But I am getting better and making better choices more often. I love this forum and try to join a group each time for support!
  2. TamMarie

    Have been doing this for almost 4 months, now

    Last night was my step-fathers birthday and there was cake. It was day 29 of my whole30. I did not eat the cake. I wanted to. But thought if I did it would make me feel bad. I get headaches, exhaustion when I eat some foods. I know gluten and sugar is bad for my body. It was hard, I cut 5 pieces of cake and scooped ice cream for each plate. I sat at the table while everyone ate. I feel good today, not only because I didn't eat the cake (guilt), but BECAUSE I DIDN'T eat the cake (symptoms). I highly recommend reading Food Freedom Forever!
  3. TamMarie

    Have been doing this for almost 4 months, now

    Hi Ashley, I am sort of in it for the long haul. This is my 5th whole30. I always end up slipping back to eating things that make me feel sick. Tired, headache, queasy, crabby. I just put quotes up all over my house and office. from the food freedom forever book....is it worth it? To really make me think about whatever it is that I am putting in my mouth. I am on day 17 of this whole30 and already feel much better. After about a week or two of the withdrawal headaches/fatigue (lots of naps) from vodka, sugar, and taking bites of my kids snacks (cookies, crackers..). I have also identified whole30 approved foods that make me feel sick, almond flour, and coconut milk. And I have found that I can't eat anything with grains in it, any gluten free bread or goodies. Congrats on your wedding dress! Sounds like you had scale specific goals. Do you have any other goals? I personally have put the scale in my house away as my clothes really are a true measure of how I am doing. And sometimes the scale doesn't move but your measurements do. I am back into pre-pregnancy clothes which is huge for me.
  4. TamMarie

    Starting July 16th!

    My husband and I are starting today too! We just got back from vacation. We would have started on July 1st....but wanted to enjoy our vacation. This is our 6th whole 30. I am still working on my food freedom. I started my first whole 30 last April because I was exhausted all the time, headaches, nauseous, anxiety. With 2 small kids at home I didn't have time to feel sick and tired. I had been diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea in 2012 and thought I was getting better but the exhaustion stayed. Cutting all the crap out of my died helps! But I always slide back and start feeling awful again. Looking forward to the next 30 days!
  5. TamMarie

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    I had a really hard day 5. Even though this is my 5th time doing this I still have issues with the withdrawal. I always feel great at day 30 (or 27) but somehow the bad foods(for me) slowly sneak back into my diet. I started the whole30 the first time for exhaustion, headaches, digestion issues, crankiness... I actually took a sick day yesterday, I had a really bad headache that started Wednesday and my daughter had me up 4 times that night. So yesterday I was completely done. I actually feel a lot better today. Maybe that nap I took did the trick. I will say that while napping I had a weird dream about food. I dreamt that I was sneak eating card board, but it turned into pretzels and corn chips! And I felt guilty for eating it! I will be going out with some friends this weekend. We are notorious for drinking lots of tasty drinks but I will be drinking seltzer water with lime instead.
  6. TamMarie

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    This will be my 5th whole 30. I started this last April. My husband and I did April, July, October (didn't make it through the month). And we just did January. I am amazed at the changed in my body and mind since I found this program!
  7. TamMarie

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    I am ready for another whole30! Starting the day after Easter!
  8. TamMarie

    Starting January 2!

    I have also struggled with anxiety (fatigue, headaches) my whole life. The 1st whole30 I completed last April was so amazing! The fact that I could feel great by changing what I ate. I was on a journey to feel better after having my first child. I was so tired and crabby all the time. I got diagnosed with sleep apnea and felt great after starting treatment. After a while I went back to my old way of feeling yucky a lot. Since April (or May) I have been eating pretty close to whole30 because I know it makes me feel better. But I don't always make good choices (emotional eating has been a problem for a long time), food hanger-overs are terrible.
  9. TamMarie

    Starting January 2!

    I am going to try the chocolate chili this weekend. I just pin'd the recipe.
  10. TamMarie

    Starting January 2!

    HI Everyone! I finally read through all the post. I love all the information and inspiration! This is my 4th whole30. I did my first last April, then July and then half of October. Looking forward to seeing it all the way through this month! I definitely feel better after eating whole30 compliant. October was a hard month because it is my birthday and halloween. My husband is doing this with me and that makes it much easier. I have been craving sugar like crazy! I am also craving an alcoholic beverage. The hardest part of this process for me is the reintroduction. One new food at a time is hard.
  11. TamMarie

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    My husband and I started our 3rd whole30 January 2nd. I am excited to be resetting again. I started whole30 because I had a lot of headaches, nausea and was tired a lot of the time. I have 2 kids ages 6 and 4. So there really is no time for Mommy to be feeling yucky. Our 1st whole30 in April 2017 was hard but we did it with no cheats and got the tiger blood!