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  1. Label reading. I've fallen off the wagon pretty badly but I can't stop label reading and I cannot even consider a frozen meal of some sort. And adding protein to my meals
  2. I batch-cooked on Sunday so I had a bolognese sauce over cauli-rice. I was super hungry today so I also had three sunnyside up eggs and some guacamole. I made two eggs but one yolk broke and that means you get another egg.
  3. I just read your whole log and I really enjoyed your thoughts/reflections. Honestly, I kept expecting you to quit because of the difficulty you were having but I was so happy to see you went past the 30 days. Congratulations. I'm terrible at planning and preparing as well so the struggle is real. Best of luck on round 2. I'm on Day 8 of my first time (going to start a log tonight when I get home from work) so i'm enjoying reading everyone's story