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  1. Ghee is a great idea - everyone in my house, even those not doing Whole30, loves that instead of butter. You need to eat some fat, so ghee is a good compromise with your partner...and the sniggering and eye-rolling are most likely defense against the nagging feeling some people have that they could not do what you have committed to doing!
  2. So happy to be starting our second round today (waited until all holiday visitors cleared out!). First round was June 2017 - great results. Never really went back to most of the bad habits, but the last few weeks of the holiday season saw the return of the sugar dragon. Need to reset. Really looking forward to this go - loved all the NSVs from last time. Lost 15 pounds then, kept it off. Not looking to lose any more this time, just getting back to better sleep, more energy, and the confidence of good health! Anyone else starting on this random day?