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    Funny Taste

    Got it! Beef up my meals with more veggies and cut out bars. I guess I did get a little behind on food prep this week and was relying a little too heavy on quick solutions. I have never done a traditional diet- I was just guessing at the measurements of my food from the last few days. Typically under eating has never been an issue for me, but even as I was writing out what I had eaten I realized it was a little light. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk me through this! And your quick response!!
  2. Sim1eats

    Funny Taste

    Yesterday: Breakfast: 1/2 cup greens and cabbage with coco oil and salt; an egg; 1/4 cup carnitas with pineapple, tea Mid morning snack: RX bar, coffee Lunch: 1/4 cup steak, 1/3 sweet potato, lots of lettuce, oil and vinegar afternoon snack: half an epic bar, an egg, handful of carrots Dinner: 1 cup roasted veggies with potatoes in it, large lamb patty, homemade ranch Today: I tried to have coffee with coco milk but it tasted so bad I threw it out Breakfast: 1 cup potatoes with onions and peppers, an egg, 1/4 cup chicken, 1/2 cup arugal and a small beet with oil and vinagar Mid morning snack: RX bar Lunch: Avocado and half an epic bar Typically I eat a mid morning snack at 10:30 and an afternoon snack at 3:30. If I dont my blood sugar drops and I can't see straight or focus.
  3. Sim1eats

    Funny Taste

    Hello, I am on my fourth Whole30 on my eighth day. Everything started tasting funny. No matter what I eat it has a metallic aftertaste kind of like xanthan gum. Has anyone ever experienced this on there whole30 before.