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  1. Wow! Thanks for the feedback--this is scary and yet, comforting to know somebody else has experienced it. He eats raw vegetables really minimally now--tomatoes okay, some greens, but otherwise, always cooked, and largely avoiding certain root vegetables. Also, never movie theater popcorn (which, ew, anyway). And obviously we are careful about cuts of meat and bite size... but it sure feels like it is sometimes totally unrelated, or we can't make the data points connect into a meaningful conclusion, and we are just guessing because of associating other bad reactions to food with the stricture
  2. Does anybody (especially men, as it seems to be especially common in men) have experience with getting food stuck in their esophagus? As a chronic life issue? A number of men in my family have experienced this regularly, and I always dismissed it as not chewing their food, eating too much gristle off chicken bones, cutting steak too big, etc. But my husband had to have a bite of food removed from his esophagus last week, and the ENT told us the biopsy tissue results came back consistent with eosinophilic esophagitis, which as I understand essentially means chronic allergy to some food or food