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  1. RunnerMom

    Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?

    Thanks for the response. I can understand the reasoning and science behind the need to start over due to soy ingestion. I am just so mad and deflated as I was doing SO good and was SO proud of myself for following it 100% (so I thought). But I picked Jan 1st to start for a reason as I have too many events and travels coming up in February to start over now. As the book states, the program isn’t hard. But ensuring you are compliant 100% of the time due to shady labeling just shows the difficulty of following this program in the real world. In theory, it’s great. Thanka again for the support and feedback!
  2. RunnerMom

    Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?

    Oh well. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I’ll try again this summer.
  3. RunnerMom

    Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?

    I looked on starkist’s website and it says their vegetable broth contains soybeans. Ugh! so here’s my question: can I just continue for 15 more days...then start the reintroduction process, but wait to introduce legumes and soy after 30 more days from today?
  4. RunnerMom

    Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?

    Here’s a picture of the label.
  5. I am on day 14. I’ve been sticking to the program 100% and enjoying the foods I’ve been eating. But today, I looked closer at the tuna label and I’m freaking out. The ingredients list “vegetable broth” and all compliant ingredients. But then under the allergen statement is lists soy. I’ve been eating these cans a couple times a week. Do I need to start over? If that’s the case, I am just going to stop this program. The fact that it has been so hard to find compliant foods to cook at home, eat out (I have to for my job), and find compliant foods for traveling (which I do often for my job too)... which I have been doing 100% despite the challenges. But now I accidentally ingested a food that didn’t have a non compliant ingredient...but isn’t allowed? Help! What should I do?