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  1. RachelR

    Contessa's June Realignment

    I can relate to this so much! I wish you the best as you continue with your reintroduction and food freedom!
  2. RachelR

    The Month There Was No Dr. Pepper

    @Kirra When I was prepping for my first Whole30- I dreaded the caffeine withdrawals from giving up pop cold turkey as well. I primarily drank any diet cola (coke, Pepsi, dr. pepper). The fear almost stopped me from trying. I remember being pleasantly surprised that the withdrawal wasn't as bad as what I built up in my mind. I'm glad you are off to a great start and keep on going!
  3. RachelR

    RachelR- Start Date May 4, 2020

    Used my Instant Pot for the first time today. I've had it almost a year and a half and I've just been too intimidated to use it. But, today- I went for it and made hard boiled eggs and they turned out PERFECT! Put a couple into potato salad and will save the rest to either put on a salad or maybe deviled eggs or egg salad. hmmm.... I also made green beans tonight for the first time. Willingly. On purpose. Lol. I've always hated cooked green beans since I was very young but giving them a try at the restaurant last weekend made me feel a bit more adventurous. I sautéed them in coconut oil and added salt, pepper, some red pepper flakes, and a couple dashes of coconut aminos. They were still crunchy and I liked the flavor with the salt, etc. Green beans are still not my favorite vegetable but I enjoyed this tonight. I had extras so we'll see how it tastes as leftovers tomorrow.
  4. RachelR

    Take Advantage

    @MadyVanilla I also fear that I might be nightshade sensitive. But I absolutely LOVE bell peppers, etc. Like you, I am going to try to be more aware of how I feel when I eat them and try to not overindulge.
  5. RachelR

    RachelR- Start Date May 4, 2020

    2 months in to my journey and I measured and weighed/took pictures again today. Referencing the beginning pictures definitely helps because day to day it is hard to see or feel the progress. Here are the results: (Measured myself so they may not be exactly accurate). S=start; C=current Waist @ belly button- S= 53.5"; C= 50" Waist @ narrowest point- S= 45"; C= 42 1/4" Hips- S= 54"; C= 51 1/2" Thighs- Right- S= 29 3/4"; C=29" Left- S= 30"; C= 28 1/2" Calves- Right- S= 18 1/4"; C=17 3/4" Left- S= 18 3/4"; C= 17 1/2" Biceps (making a muscle)- Right- S= 17 1/2"; C=17" Left- S= 17 1/4"; C= 16 7/8" Wrists- Right- S= 7 1/4"; C= 7" Left- S= 7 1/4"; C= 7" Neck- S= 15"; C= 14 3/4" Bust- S= 49"; C= 46 1/4" (not sure if this is right but I measured twice) Chest S= 43"; C= 42 1/2" As far as weight goes- I'm happy that the scale is continuing to move downward. I think it could be more but I started my cycle last night so I'm sure that fluctuated things up a bit. I think I'll weigh in again next week to see the difference between on cycle and not on my cycle. I continue to walk a half hour a day (only missed 2 days in the past two months) at a comfortable-ish speed for me (about 2.5 mph). I decided that I want to add in some type of strength activity so I'm planning on doing this arm workout at least 4x/week for the full weeks going forward. Here is a close up "before" picture of my arm today July 3rd. I'm excited to gain strength and some definition. We'll see how this works. As far as food goes, I continue to eat primarily Whole30 meals/recipes. There were a couple intentional meals where I went off plan and that was because my best friend was in town. I thought it was a special enough occasion to not have to overly worry about Whole30 while we were out. Last Saturday we met for dinner. I really wanted to try some place that I had never been before and I wanted to make sure there was outdoor seating along with somewhere that seemed relatively safe given this COVID-19 pandemic. We tried a place called The Lazy Goat here in Greenville. I got the Lazy Paella dish which was rice, grilled chicken, chorizo, and green beans. I usually hate green beans but I gave them a try. They were blanched (I think?) and still crisp. I didn't mind them too much. The rest of the dish lacked flavor in my opinion. So, after trying several bites, I ended up just searching for all the meat and left a lot of rice behind. My friend mentioned wanting gelato and... y'all- if I've had any specific cravings since starting this in May- it has been ice cream. We walked around and found a place that sold gelato. I decided that if there was sorbet that I would get that since it wouldn't have dairy in it but they did not have any. I ended up treating myself to a scoop of "Peanut Royal." And I was able to enjoy every bite. Old Rachel would have got the 2 or 3 scoop- thinking the 1 scoop wouldn't cut it. But, it was more than enough. Then, on Sunday we met for lunch. I wanted to share one of my favorite taco places because it's one place that I truly love the dish I get every time. I made a conscious decision to order my tacos on lettuce instead of a tortilla. While the other ingredients may not have been compliant (fried shrimp, pimento cheese, etc) it felt like a healthier option. After these meals- I tried to pay attention to how I felt. I had a bit of headache and some stomach cramps as well as feeling tired. I'm sure a lot was dairy related from both the gelato and the extras on the tacos but I think some of it was also due to anxiety of being out in public amidst COVID-19. There were sooooooo many people without masks as we walked around downtown Greenville. While I enjoyed seeing my friend and it was nice to try a new place and visit a favorite- I think I will plan on primarily sticking to home cooked meals or easy Whole30 to go (like Zoe's Kitchen and Chipotle- which I both enjoy). It also hit home- that if I'm going to splurge on ice cream then make it something that will taste good. So glad that I got that scoop of gelato rather than a Sonic Blast from Sonic (which always sounds delicious but in reality never tastes truly great). Also, I realized that I am capable of making cheaper and (in some instances) better tasting food at home. Also, I realized that I can make an intentional choice instead of an impulsive one to eat something and then get right back on track. I was afraid that once I stepped out of the boundaries of the Whole30 rules that I would end up just giving up. I also started reading Food Freedom Forever over the past week and hope to gain more insight on how to continue my journey.
  6. RachelR

    Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30

    Just say no.
  7. RachelR

    RachelR- Start Date May 4, 2020

    I guess my Whole30 journey extended has technically come to an end before day 60 because I made spaghetti squash and meatballs last night. I thought the sauce I had left in my cupboard was compliant but at looking at the ingredient list it had soybean oil. Better than it having sugar in it but I have been trying to stay compliant. Anyway... I just said it doesn't matter and had it anyway. I'm still going to plan to eat primarily Whole30 going forward but not beat myself up if I happened to overlook an insignificant percentage of the ingredients. I'm still a bit nervous that I as I give myself more leeway that I will go off the rails. But, can't stay so restrictive forever...right? I have the food freedom forever book but haven't read it yet. Definitely need to make that a priority. On the plus side- I was able to wear jeans today that I hadn't fit into since last summer/fall- one size down from where I started. It felt good! Oh- and I broke my promise to myself that I'd wait until July 3rd to weigh in again but I just couldn't help myself. I stepped on the scale on Sunday and I was down to 251.5. That is almost 20 pounds since I started my Whole30 on May 3rd. Insanity!
  8. RachelR

    RachelR- Start Date May 4, 2020

    I feel like when I get stuck or struggling it has really helped to return to a favorite recipe that I love! This time around it has been the blackened chicken avocado berry salad as well as the rosemary mustard pork chops from the Whole30 fast and easy cookbook (I think it is that one). Also, it's ok to let someone else do the cooking occasionally. (Just don't want to get back in my old habits). Yesterday, a coworker and I ordered from Zoe's Kitchen. I like that they clearly indicate compliant items on their menu. And with some adjustments other items can be compliant as well. I ordered the chicken kabobs w/ harissa sauce (oooh that's spicy), greek salad (without pita, feta, or some other veggies I don't care for), and their grilled potato salad (which just tasted like roasted potatoes and was delish). I've found weeks where I don't try multiple new recipes to be the most successful with staying motivated. But, the occasional new recipe is a key to make sure things aren't boring. Last night I made this blackened shrimp taco recipe https://jz-eats.com/shrimp-tacos/ (I adjusted some of the ingredients so it wasn't too spicy) and I also made this mango salsa to go on top https://cookinglsl.com/the-best-mango-salsa-recipe/ (I de-seeded and scraped out the inside of the jalapeño so again- it wasn't too spicy). I put the shrimp on green butter lettuce with the salsa and some guacamole (from trader joes). It was a very quick cook on the stove and the mango salsa was very summery and made it so refreshing. Now, to consider other dishes to use the salsa in.... perhaps on chicken? One other thing of note, is that I've stepped on the scale multiple times since I finished my first 30 days. While it has gone down overall, I did notice fluctuations of a pound or two between a couple days. This was not good for my motivation and psyche. I will be returning to weighing in once a month to get an overall view of my progress but not get so caught up in every fluctuation my body makes. Overall, sleeping much better- more soundly and easier to fall asleep. Most mornings, I'm not ready to get up so I'd like to see my energy improve even more but I feel like I'm overall more productive and positive at work. My coworker said she noticed that I'm not saying "I'm tired" as much as I used to so that is a huge plus.
  9. RachelR

    RachelR- Start Date May 4, 2020

    Thanks! I have one but I've been too afraid to use it. I think I'm gonna try it this weekend though.
  10. RachelR

    RachelR- Start Date May 4, 2020

    @ShadowInTheKitchen Thanks so much for the ideas! I definitely need to look for more warm weather type recipes to add to the rotation.
  11. RachelR

    RachelR- Start Date May 4, 2020

    I've been struggling a bit the past couple days with sticking to the meals I had planned and snacking a bit more. Things like forgetting to take meat out of the freezer to thaw or it being hot so not wanting to use the stove or oven. While I've still stayed Whole30 compliant, I'm a bit disappointed and need to get back on track. It's these little things that usually add up and next thing you know I'm back on the fast food train. This time I want it to be different. So, I need to recommit to sticking to my plans and get back on it.
  12. RachelR

    RachelR- Start Date May 4, 2020

  13. RachelR

    RachelR- Start Date May 4, 2020

    So the scale results are in..... I feel like I still have a long journey ahead to feel healthier and more confident but this has been an amazing start. I guess today is like day- 34 now. I've tried a couple new things- made this potato salad recipe. https://thebetteredblondie.com/classic-potato-salad-paleo-gluten-free/. It's not bad but potato salad I think is just one of those recipes that is hard to please everyone. I'd make this again but I would probably try to make my own mayo instead of buying the primal kitchen. For over $8 a jar- I felt like I had to use most of the jar just for this one recipe. Also, I feel like there was too much of the dressing/sauce. My potatoes and other things (eggs, celery) were swimming in the mayo mix. I thought about cooking more potatoes but the recipe made MORE than enough servings for just me. I'd suggest if you make it to halve the ingredients for the dressing (mayo, mustard, etc). To go with my potato salad this week I tried Applegate turkey hot dogs (again- Ok, I think I'll try the beef ones they make and see if I like them any better). I also made BBQ chicken legs with Primal Kitchen Classic BBQ sauce. They were pretty delicious. The sauce has a little kick or bite to it (in my opinion). They make another flavor (golden, I think) and I may try that at some time in the future--- maybe some BBQ shredded pork? I also tried this Whole30 version of the Starbucks Pink Drink- https://40aprons.com/healthy-pink-drink-strawberry-refresher-whole30/ I know it's like a substitute but I've completed my initial 30 days so I thought I'd give it a go and try to find a different refreshing beverage. Mine turned out looking very cute and light pink. But I did not care for the taste at all. I might try again with a different brand of coconut milk. But I think I just miss the sweet and refreshing taste of the original version (I don't even want to think how much added sugars that has to it). Oh- I've also been sleeping A LOT better the past 3-4 days. Which has been nice. I think part of it is changes to my food but I also started reading a little bit before bed instead of staying on my phone.
  14. RachelR

    RachelR- Start Date May 4, 2020

    Today was day 30!!!! Yay!!! I've said this before but gonna say it again- I'm planning on continuing to do another 30 days as my cravings still pop up as well as my sleep, energy, and aches are still too much of a presence and I want to see if giving my gut more time to heal will be beneficial. I've struggled a bit with identifying non-scale victories I guess because the ones I was hoping for haven't come to fruition yet. But, It is a victory that I made all but one meal at home over the past 30 days. I ordered a whole30 bowl from chipotle once. Typically, I'd feel so spent and tired after work that I wouldn't feel like cooking so I'd just order something from somewhere or go through a drive through. So- in that respect, I guess I do have a bit more energy. lol. It is a victory to stick to my commitment. It is a victory that I was able to say no to temptations and find other ways to cope with the stress and emotions (although sometimes sleeping throughout the day or staying immersed in social media doesn't seem very healthy either). And let's be honest... I'm really looking forward to seeing what my scale victory is as well. That will wait until tomorrow morning. But, I did take measurements tonight and there is a slight difference in some areas. So I'll take it!!! Here are the results: (Measured myself so they may not be exactly accurate). S=start; C=current Waist @ belly button- S= 53.5"; C= 52" Waist @ narrowest point- S= 45"; C= 44 1/4" Hips- S= 54"; C= 52 3/4" Thighs- Right- S= 29 3/4"; C=29 1/2" Left- S= 30"; C= 29" (ish???) Calves- Right- S= 18 1/4"; C=17 3/4" Left- S= 18 3/4"; C= 17 5/8" Biceps (making a muscle)- Right- S= 17 1/2"; C=17" Left- S= 17 1/4"; C= 16 7/8" Wrists- Right- S= 7 1/4"; C= 7/14" Left- S= 7 1/4"; C= 7 1/4" Neck- S= 15"; C= 14 3/4" Bust- S= 49"; C= 49" Chest S= 43"; C= 42 1/4"
  15. RachelR

    Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30

    Congrats on day 30!!! (I guess 31 by now). Good luck on continuing forward!