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  1. Update.... I threw the cookies out! I worked from home today and I was tempted before lunch but curtailed myself by getting fruit instead. Then after lunch- I was like...hmmm... I'll only have one. Then, about 10 minutes later I was wanting more (my brain that has been infiltrated by the sugar dragon- not the rest of me)- and so- even though I'm not proud of how I handled the situation (I ate 2 more, rather quickly, and then threw out the rest of the batch). I do not have enough self-control to have large quantities of sweets/snacks in my home.
  2. Good luck in your journey! I'm originally from Michigan but live in South Carolina now. Just wanted to say hi to a fellow Michigander.
  3. I have been MIA.... Hope everyone is doing well. I'm proud to say that I have continued with primarily eating Whole30 foods. There have been a few conscious decisions to treat myself- small ice cream last week- as well as some choices to use food I have even if it isn't fully compliant-sausages w/ a bit of sugar in them, corn starch when I couldn't find arrowroot powder for a recipe, etc. I also made a batch of cookies yesterday because I have been wanting more sweet stuff. My thought is that if I have in moderation when I'm really wanting it- maybe it will prevent me from just going on a
  4. This week was ok. A lot of anxiety and stress regarding changes at work and could still feel those old habits trying to creep in (need for sugary/fatty foods and drinks to cope with the stress). But, I held them at bay and stayed primarily compliant (used some Italian sausages that I had frozen that had minor amounts of sugar in them). For some reason, I did not plan out my meals and decided to wing it with all the foods I had at home and a couple as needed grocery stops. One day, I completely forgot I had used up all my eggs. What was I going to have for breakfast? I've been eating
  5. I can relate to this so much! I wish you the best as you continue with your reintroduction and food freedom!
  6. @Kirra When I was prepping for my first Whole30- I dreaded the caffeine withdrawals from giving up pop cold turkey as well. I primarily drank any diet cola (coke, Pepsi, dr. pepper). The fear almost stopped me from trying. I remember being pleasantly surprised that the withdrawal wasn't as bad as what I built up in my mind. I'm glad you are off to a great start and keep on going!
  7. Used my Instant Pot for the first time today. I've had it almost a year and a half and I've just been too intimidated to use it. But, today- I went for it and made hard boiled eggs and they turned out PERFECT! Put a couple into potato salad and will save the rest to either put on a salad or maybe deviled eggs or egg salad. hmmm.... I also made green beans tonight for the first time. Willingly. On purpose. Lol. I've always hated cooked green beans since I was very young but giving them a try at the restaurant last weekend made me feel a bit more adventurous. I sautéed them in coco
  8. @MadyVanilla I also fear that I might be nightshade sensitive. But I absolutely LOVE bell peppers, etc. Like you, I am going to try to be more aware of how I feel when I eat them and try to not overindulge.
  9. 2 months in to my journey and I measured and weighed/took pictures again today. Referencing the beginning pictures definitely helps because day to day it is hard to see or feel the progress. Here are the results: (Measured myself so they may not be exactly accurate). S=start; C=current Waist @ belly button- S= 53.5"; C= 50" Waist @ narrowest point- S= 45"; C= 42 1/4" Hips- S= 54"; C= 51 1/2" Thighs- Right- S= 29 3/4"; C=29" Left- S= 30"; C= 28 1/2" Calves- Right- S= 18 1/4"; C=17 3/4" Left- S= 18 3/4"; C= 17 1/2" Biceps (making a mu
  10. I guess my Whole30 journey extended has technically come to an end before day 60 because I made spaghetti squash and meatballs last night. I thought the sauce I had left in my cupboard was compliant but at looking at the ingredient list it had soybean oil. Better than it having sugar in it but I have been trying to stay compliant. Anyway... I just said it doesn't matter and had it anyway. I'm still going to plan to eat primarily Whole30 going forward but not beat myself up if I happened to overlook an insignificant percentage of the ingredients. I'm still a bit nervous that I as I give my
  11. I feel like when I get stuck or struggling it has really helped to return to a favorite recipe that I love! This time around it has been the blackened chicken avocado berry salad as well as the rosemary mustard pork chops from the Whole30 fast and easy cookbook (I think it is that one). Also, it's ok to let someone else do the cooking occasionally. (Just don't want to get back in my old habits). Yesterday, a coworker and I ordered from Zoe's Kitchen. I like that they clearly indicate compliant items on their menu. And with some adjustments other items can be compliant as well. I o
  12. Thanks! I have one but I've been too afraid to use it. I think I'm gonna try it this weekend though.
  13. @ShadowInTheKitchen Thanks so much for the ideas! I definitely need to look for more warm weather type recipes to add to the rotation.