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  1. Melmike

    Life After Whole 30

    Once the reintroduction is completed, and I’m (in theory), ready to return to my former (somewhat revised) diet, am I no longer getting that yummy coconut cream in my coffee? Am I not having a palm sized serving of protein at every meal? And the mass quantities of veggies? I want to maintain any progress I’ve made, (measurement and weight wise), but am not quite sure how to approach it. Hope that makes sense!
  2. Melmike

    Any successful Senior Whole30 stories?

    Should I count the coconut cream i put in my coffee as my breakfast fat?
  3. Melmike

    Any successful Senior Whole30 stories?

    Thanks! Here are some “visuals”!
  4. Melmike

    Any successful Senior Whole30 stories?

    Oh, and Kampuchea in the evening.
  5. Melmike

    Any successful Senior Whole30 stories?

    Thanks for the response! I’ll be 68 next month. I’d say I’m in pretty good shape, no major physical problems. Fairly active; I try and get to the gym at least a couple times a week. My main reason for doing the Whole 30 is to, hopefully, find the cause of a chronic (at least five years) skin problem. My eyelids get dry, scaley and peels. Sometimes it becomes raw in the skin crease. I’ve tried EVERY type of ointment, gone to several MD’s, even an “eyelid doctor”. I was tested (skin test on the back) for allergies...nothing! Of course, I would be thrilled to lose some weight/inches as well. Typical breakfast, either eggs or a leftover protein from dinner, (Luckily, I love leftovers!) veggies, more veggies, occasionally a cup of blueberries or a tangerine, handful of nuts. I only add the nuts if I didn’t have coffee, as I add a good amount of coconut cream/milk, which I’ve been counting as my breakfast fat. Is that correct? Lots of water all day, usually with a slice of lemon. Lunch can be sardines/tuna, or leftover protein, a couple of cups of veggies, (beets, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, asparagus). Maybe a half yam or some baby potatoes. Dinner is pretty much like lunch. If I don’t have a fat (ghee or coconut milk) in a meal, I’ll have a handful of nuts or 1/4 - 1/2 avocado. Chamomile tea in the evening. I’m no longer afraid of being hungry between meals, so I have cut the portions down some. To tell you the truth, that first 10 days I felt like I should have gained 10 pounds!!
  6. Day 18. I’m wondering if there are any success stories for seniors out there. I need some encouragement! Both of my daughters are doing great on the 30! The 44 year old tells me her body looks “amazing”! Ok, I’m not expecting “amazing”, but I was counting on, at least, “improved”. I do think my energy has improved, and that’s a good thing.
  7. My fabulous husband is sharing the Whole 30 experience with me. (Wonderful man!). Yesterday was day 7. He cooked us a marvelous Creamy Bacon Mushroom Chicken Thigh dinner with cauliflower mash and broccoli. All was fine until we went to bed, and a few hours later he was awake with a grumbling, roiling tummy, nausea and a terrible headache. (Mike doesn’t get headaches). He was up briefly this morning for a light breakfast, but since he only got a couple of hours of sleep last night, he’s back in bed. “Carb flu”?
  8. Melmike

    Am I eating too much

    Thanks for the reply! You are correct! A veggie stuffed omelet! One sausage (chicken apple) sliced in half. Potatoes. I think I was so worried about getting hungry between meals that I just made SURE that wasn’t going to happen! From what I’ve read, snacking is not exactly encouraged. I think I’ll try and pull in the reins a bit on my serving sizes.
  9. Melmike

    Am I eating too much

    Winding up day 7 today. I feel like I should have already gained 20 pounds! How do I know if I’m eating too much? Yes, I am familiar with the template. It’s a good thing I had my husband hide the scale in his workshop!