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    Starting January 22nd

    So day 4 and I'm feeling really good about things! I've been working from home so I think that has been big in keeping me on track here at the beginning. Everything I've made so far has been SUPER delish and even my husband agrees which is huge I'm so pleased I'm already planning my week 2 menu as I'm so excited to try more recipes. The biggest thing for me is making sure breakfast is prepped cuz I'm not a morning person. I've been making double batches of dinner so lunch has been leftovers which makes it easy. I usually cook dinner each night anyway so that part hasn't been much of change for me. I hope everyone else is doing great!
  2. DanielleJ123

    Starting January 22nd

    Hey everyone! I started today too and am super excited. I prepped yesterday by making egg cups, sausage patties, hashbrowns, compliant turkey bacon, chopping onions and peppers, browning some ground turkey to freeze and throwing away all the tempting open noncompliant junk from my fridge. I also took my pre Whole 30 measurements but did not do pictures. Do most of you do pictures? My husband is doing this with me but did not read the book so is totally relying on me to guide him through. That's a lot of pressure since I know he's going to be mad with some of my answers I've done 10 day cleanses before but this is my first Whole 30, let's rock it together!
  3. DanielleJ123

    Starting my first Whole30 on January 22nd!

    I'm a newbie starting the 22nd as well! The Whole 30 is something I used to say I would NEVER do...now I'm sooo ready to give to give it a go!
  4. DanielleJ123

    Starting January 22nd

    I am and this is my very first Whole 30. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time