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  1. AshleyBovard

    Starting January 22nd

    Hello all! I'm prepping for tomorrow! Today, I've been putting together a plan on my Real Plans app! I started using this app last year and I LOVE it. It does cost money each month (I think about $15?) But it is extremely helpful! And they have plan dedicated to Whole30! I like being able to plan out the days I cook and having all my ingredients combined for me! You can also disable ingredients that you don't like (aka brussel sprouts for me, pleh!). Unfortunately, my husband and I took an unexpected trip out of town today and are just not getting back to town. I've planned out my meals for the week and was able to prep meals from what I already have in the fridge / pantry for tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be grocery shopping for the rest of the week! @Bess W some of my favorite recipes for breakfast are a breakfast hash of sorts and chicken sausage, both which can be made in bulk for the week! My weakness this week will probably be coffee and snacks. Getting lots of almonds and berries to prep! We got this people! How are the rest of you?! @Alivesay @Christine55 @TerriC to name a few!
  2. AshleyBovard

    Starting my first Whole30 on January 22nd!

    Newbie starting on the 22nd as well! Good luck to all of you!
  3. AshleyBovard

    Starting January 22nd

    Hi friends! I’m starting whole on the 22nd as well! I keep saying that I’ll “give it another week”, but it’s getting old. So here’s to just getting on with it! I’m new to the forum as well. My husband was doing paleo with me but was trimming down to much (really....?) so I need some support outside of the house! Is there a way we can all keep in touch @ChristyJ @Alivesay @Tammzplaceofhappy?!