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    Starting 2/19

    Hey! I will also be starting the same day! I’m excited and nervous as well. I have an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis so I will be doing a combo of the whole 30 plus the paleo autoimmune protocol which means I’m even more limited in my foods. But I’m excited to see where this takes me! Maya
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    Becoming Hypoglycemic

    Hi Brian! If you’re at home when you become hypoglycemic, you can drink something like orange juice (which is compliant) with no added sugar to increase your glucose. For example, you could have a half cup of OJ and retest your blood sugar 15 minutes after and see if you are in an appropriate range for you (depending on what your doctor has told you is your low; based on your A1c potentially 70-75 but again you should go with what your doctor says or if you feel symptomatic). This way you don’t have to reset every time you become hypoglycemic. Just be sure to intake something with natural carbs and fiber and/or good fats so that your glucose levels are sustained and doesn’t dip throughout the day. I would recommend letting your doctor know you are doing the Whole30 if you haven’t already so that they are aware and can help guide you in a safe way if you need help. Also, if your glucose doesn’t improve after a repeat attempt be sure to seek medical attention.