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    You can call any restaurant and ask about their menu items. They also have a book you can request that details each menu item at the restaurant. As mentioned above, there are a very websites/blogs out there to help you!
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    On my third Whole 30!

    After watching my mother try diet after diet throughout my childhood I became anti-diet. When a friend mentioned the Whole 30, I thought it was another fad diet craze. But then, later that week, I attended a conference and Dr. James Rowe gave us the grocery list for Whole30. I decided I had to try it. As a tennis player, in my late 40’s, I wanted to do what I could to reduce inflammation and cut back on my daily Advil intake. I was hooked after week 2 when I had zero shoulder pain and consistent energy throughout my work day. No 10am and 3pm dips and sugar cravings! When I heard I could meet Melissa, co-creator of Whole 30, at a local book signing (thank you Olive You Whole) I knew I had to attend! I waited in line to get my books signed and when I made it to the front, I told Melissa I wanted to become a Certified Whole30 Coach so I could help moms make impactful changes in their families' diets because I believe dietary changes PLUS effective parenting practices equals powerful change. What if by making these changes moms reduced the need to medicate their children for misbehavior? She replied, “We need you!” And, well, anyone who knows me knows that's like throwing up the Bat Signal for me! I committed right there and then to get certified. I am now on my 3rd Whole30 and have completely changed my life because of the food freedom I discovered through the Whole30.