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  1. Thank you both so much! She is a fantastic eater so I do not think she will be losing out on any nutrients. We currently use a sippy cup and the bottle is only for water.
  2. Thanks Bellatrix. Does she need the goat milk though? Right now we give it to her and then when we run out before the next farm delivery I use the organic goat formula. I really don't like the idea of giving her dairy period but I know that goat milk is better than cow.
  3. My DD is 13 months, no longer breast feeds, and we give her 2 bottles of organic goat milk or goat milk formula per day. Do I need to be giving her either of these. She is a great eater. I'm assuming she will eat even more if we take out the goat milk. THoughts?
  4. tclass

    Help! Need quick food idea!

    You made the best of a bad situation.
  5. tclass

    Whole30 bloggers

    New Blog: I talk about the challenges of living a plaeo life in a foreign country: Russia!
  6. tclass

    % body fat

    For females with low body fat I think a bigger indicator for health is fertility. Are you at 12% and still getting regular cycles? If so then that may be a natural place for you to be. If not then I would up the calories and maybe try to increase body fat. Tricia
  7. tclass

    Almond Flour

    Trader Joe's and also I have to use this site because I live in Russia but they ship for free in the US if your order is over $20 I think. You can use my code to get $10 off a $40 order or $5 off an order under $40 (VUR275). I do not work for iherb or make anything off of you using my code. I share because the site has been a lifesaver for my family while living in Russia. They have great prices on coconut oil and supplements as well.
  8. Your lunch sounds delicious! But how much protein was in the sautee? Try to make protein front and center. Also, loading up on non-starchy veggies helps too. My first few months of breastfeeding I was ravenous. I was paleo (not strict Whole30) and upping the protein really helped. Congrats on keeping up the breastfeeding! Tricia
  9. tclass

    Mushroom recipes?

    How about sausage stuffed mushrooms. Everyday Paleo has a FANTASTIC Portabella Stuffed Mushrooms recipe. I also think that Practical Paleo has a stuffed mushrooms recipe as well. As of late I have been taking 10-12 regular size mushrooms, slicing them, and then frying them up in some ghee at breakfast. They are really good in ghee. Tricia
  10. Oh my!! You are all wonderful! I love these ideas. I think I am going to go with a beanless chili. I will be in the US next month and will pick up some Penzey's chili powder. I will send in some raw sour cream and raw cheese---my daughter likes that on her chili. And I too had thought of 'ants on a log' so I will do that too. I haven't made many 'American' dishes since being here. We usually eat the freshest meat/seafood we can find and then prepare a couple vegetables to go with. Tastes great but it's not exciting. Thank you all again. I appreciate it. Tricia
  11. I'm at a loss. My daughter goes to an International School (we are expats in Moscow) and the school will be hosting an International day at the end of May. We are asked to contribute some food item/dish for the feast. Something that represents our country. We eat everything: mexican, indian, thai, ethiopian. The only think I can think of that is 'American' is peanut butter (which I will not send in because I have no idea if there are allergies at school, and we don't eat it at home) and processed junk (which we have never had in our house). I was thinking maybe a berry rainbow with blueberries, strawberries, and then something white? No idea. I would appreciate any suggestions. Tricia
  12. tclass

    At a complete loss...

    Another resource is She focuses on AIP and has overcome a whole bunch of problems using it. SHe is in the middle of writing a book too. Tricia
  13. You are still breastfeeding so you do need to eat more. Having a snack when you come home is a good idea especially if you are ravenous. I would probably not reach for fruit though---not the best choice for a balanced hormonal response. I would stick with a small portion of protein and fat. Maybe a couple hard boiled eggs or leftover protein from dinner with a few nuts. But definitely eat something. Breastfeeding is taxing! Tricia
  14. tclass

    Sub for cereal with 4 month old

    I agree---too young to start solids. In another month or two try giving a soft boiled egg. That has some staying power. Your baby may just want your company right now. I really liked reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weisbluth. It was a lifesaver for us with our first. Tricia