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  1. I go to a network group every Tuesday and stressed over the food so much.... not much was complaint or if I wanted something that was … was way more than my work would pay for (plus, I don't want to spend my money but the network group deal is that everyone orders). Anyway, I noticed another person always just ordered a plain salad (which for the restaurant was basically a bowl of lettuce). I took my own whole30 dump ranch and did that. Was it great? Naw, but I focused more on my networking and discussing than what I was eating. Maybe the same idea? Focus on conversation? Not the ideal solution, but it does work for me so I thought I'd share.
  2. AliS

    What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)

    Thanks! I think it has passed about an hour after I ate lunch. I was thinking I'd need to eat a snack, but then the next thing I realized it was 6pm and time for dinner.
  3. AliS

    What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)

    I'm on Day 10 & last night started maybe my "hardest days" as in my HUNGRIEST days.... SO HUNGRY..... and I am eating! I'm also getting within a week of starting my monthly cycle...... usually I get hungriest 2 days before I start.... hmmm....
  4. AliS

    School Lunch Ideas/Recipes

    I agree with the thermos. My son has taken chili, vegan mac & cheese (pre Whole30), etc. When I was worried about what to send b/c my kitchen is Whole30 complaint now, the thermos was going to be the saving grace. I may buy a second one so I can make sure we can just rotate. My 2nd grader takes his lunch A LOT b/c of a dairy intolerance. He loved the meatballs I made this weekend and asked to take them to school (he likes them without any sauce or noodles). I packed it, plus fresh fruit, carrots & grape tomatoes.
  5. Thank you! It did... and again let me realize I can do this .... and with the help of the forum & Pintrest! It's funny b/c I had my original start date as Feb. 15th so it'd be after my girl's night, Superbowl & Valentine's Day.... I started early b/c I hit a wall and decided to just go for it. Now I'm on Day 7 and confident and feeling great. Plus, so far pretty much everything I have made has been delicious and not made me feel gross after eating it.
  6. All tasted good. I didn't stuff myself and ate happy. There weren't as many people (yay stomach bug & flu) as we thought but thankfully I made stuff complaint & everyone thankfully took their noncomplaint foods home with them! LOL I have plenty of leftovers which I can use for the superbowl party if I can keep my son away from the meatballs!
  7. So today is the day of the girl's night I am hosting. EVERYTHING I am making is whole30 compliant. I know what I have will make a delicious meal with bunch of options for everyone to enjoy. I've worked like a crazy person today though.... the good news is I've now prepped a lot of stuff for tomorrow & even for meals for my family through the rest of the week. My Girl's Night Spread (I'm hosting): Fruit platter (pineapple, strawberries, blackberries, halo oranges, red grapes) <-- also had bought cantaloupe but forgot about it and the plate is full. Used to the top of the pineapple as a center of the platter as a fun decoration. Veggie platters (purple cauliflower, rainbow carrots sticks, celery, cucumbers, radishes, broccoli, grape tomatoes, mini peppers) Black Olives (i won't eat those... I only like olives in things... my husband opened some up so I'm putting them out) Meatballs Burger bites (small tiny burger patty, romaine lettuce, a grape tomato, & a pickle on a toothpick) Bacon Wrapped Enchilada Jalapeno poppers Dips: Marinara Sauce, Ranch, and a bbq sauce that isn't bbq I'm used too so it's kind of tastes between ketchup & bbq which is fine <--- all made & Whole30 compliant. I kept going back and forth between bacon wrapped hot dogs, but I thought that was overkill. Sprouts had the Applegate (?) or whatever that brand is that is Whole30 complaint on sale for $3.99!! I will probably do this tomorrow for what I take to the Superbowl Party plus the jalapeno poppers.
  8. AliS

    Success stories for overweight children?

    That has to be the best gift ever.... teaching her healthy eating habits that will help her along her whole life. I truly wish as an overweight child my parents had done the same, instead of getting me diet pills as a teen or telling me to eat healthy, but not helping me get there. This has truly inspired me that I am doing right by my own kids. I see my 4-year-old already a total carb/junk-food-aholic. My oldest is dairy intolerant. Neither is overweight, but my oldest's (he's 8) goal is to run a 5k by the end of 2018 so we're training together. We're working on the food and transitioning them currently to Whole30 while DH & I are fully Whole30 right now.
  9. That is encouraging! I've gotten to reduce my meds once and it was halved. I was thrilled!! Thankfully my PCP isn't getting me started on cholestrol medicine so I am hoping that I can get back to normal with diet & exercise.
  10. So, one of the reasons I decided to start Whole30 was: 1. I've gained 30 lbs over the last year and a half (20 have been in the last 6 months) after having kept off weight for over 2 years. 2. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure May of 2016 and I was hoping to have it back down to normal by now. 3. I was diagnosed w/ abnormal thyroid functions November of 2017 4. My eating habits were getting out of control. I was a much healthier eater but after 2 & 3 I had the pity party and found that no matter what I was doing (before we found out about thyroid)... I couldn't drop weight or keep it off. Well, now I have 2 more reasons... I had some pain in my left side and we've had it check and all my other blood work done..... organs are all good, But they said I'm showing inflammation in my blood work so they want me to start a baby aspirin everyday & my cholesterol is high so they want me to reduce my carbs (which I told them & they were happy that I had just started Whole30).
  11. Thank you guys for the ideas! The Whole 30 Appetizer list is amazing... I had promised jalapeno poppers (pre-starting Whole30) so being able to make Whole 30 compliant ones will be great. I may make some buffalo wings for our house to eat before hand so I can feel "on theme" & full so I won't be apt to snack while we are at the party. P.S. Day #1 was awesome except for me having to eat a fat free dinner for my scheduled ultrasound for this morning & then b/c of that also.... having to wait nearly 3 hours after I normally eat breakfast to eat... but I have hard boiled eggs & an apple and a bottle of water that will be waiting on me as soon as I'm done. The reason for the ultrasound is health Reason #3 why I am doing Whole30 (something is going on around my colon). I need to prep myself for my triggers so I can be successful! Parties are absolutely one.
  12. I'm hosting a girl's night... decided to go ahead and start my Whole30 today (don't worry... I planned and am prepped for today). However, I had already decided to host this girl's night & then on Sunday we're going to a Bacon-themed Superbowl Party. I need ideas for things that would be complaint that I can take and enjoy that others could enjoy as well. For girl's night -- So far, I'm going to make a large container of fruit infused water for those (like me) who don't/won't drink alcohol or soda. I'm going to put together a beautiful colorful veggie tray & fruit tray other ideas? For the bacon bowl I'm a little stumped... maybe chicken wrapped in compliant bacon??
  13. Thanks for the suggestion.... am I being dense or I am not finding the recipe section??? New to the forum & as always, it's usually a little learning curve of finding where things are/go/etc.