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    Hot flashes decrease/increase on Whole30...

    I've actually had an increase in hot flashes despite taking Progesterone. I can't really understand why this is happening: no caffeine, no soy. Maybe its just natural swings and not related to W30. (I'm on Day 7).
  2. LuckeeLindee

    Day 4 woes

    I am on Day 4 also and Day 4 of migraines. I am a migraineur and have started Whole30 to get to know potential triggers. These headaches are throbbing and sickening and I hope they end soon! (I have been taking my prescription meds to be able to function these last 4 days.) I use added salt routinely, but could be drinking more water! If these migraines continue, I'm afraid I'll run out of my meds.....
  3. LuckeeLindee

    Started January 27

    Hi! I'm a Newbie also and started one day before you...on Jan I'm on Day 4 and am feeling like BLAHHH. I'm on my 4th day of migraines and have been trying to put off taking my migraine meds, but have really needed them. Sugar is my demon and already am finding myself trying to use fruit, fruit water, almond butter and Lara Bars as a "fix" which I know is against the program rules. I am committed to try this program to get on top of my migraines, post-menopausal weight gain and body aches. I am 5'8", 159# and 59 years old. Aside from sugar, I am missing CHEESE! I am from Wisconsin and eat cheese at least 1-2xday. What I have been feeling is pretty much outlined in the book Day 2 to 3 "The Hangover" and have read and re-read this sentence: The amount of suck you experience in this phase is directly proportional to the amount of junk you consumed before you began the program. Busted. WE CAN DO THIS!! One day at a time....