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  1. MissHLG

    Could I be sensitive to dairy?

    But there was sugar involved too, so I didn’t know if sugar did that
  2. MissHLG

    Could I be sensitive to dairy?

    Before and after dairy
  3. MissHLG

    Could I be sensitive to dairy?

    Or is it totally random??
  4. I reintroduced dairy on Friday. The next morning I woke up with energy, feeling great, and lost a pound. I thought maybe my body actually missed dairy! But today- couldn’t sleep last night, feeling tired, my face is swollen with some rosacea returning and I gained a pound. my question is: if I was sensitive to dairy, why didn’t the reactions happen the next day. Or does it sometimes take 2 days to see those results. Yesterday and today I’m back on whole 30
  5. MissHLG

    Non- gluten grains

    Corn really upsets my stomach anyway, so I wasn’t going to re-introduce
  6. MissHLG

    Non- gluten grains

    I got oatmeal for the morning, white rice, and then I found gluten free pasta for night. The oatmeal and pasta have added sugar in them... Little worried about that.
  7. MissHLG

    Non- gluten grains

    Can I do a gluten free whole wheat type of pasta on this day? I don’t like bread, and don’t trust myself with a bag of corn chips
  8. MissHLG

    Day 28 - tired all the time

    Of course! Veggies. I had been focusing so much on Fat for fuel I completely forgot. Do you know where I can find the meal template?
  9. I’m on day 28 of 46 and I think I’m actually more tired than when I started the whole 30?! But I know it’s my own fault. Mango is in season so I stock up, but I think it’s become SWPO? Not sure I’m eating enough fat. I know I’m not eating enough food, but I both do not have a huge appetite and cannot cook fast enough to have enough for 4 meals. (I meal prepped for 3 hours last night!! And have several more hours ahead of me today!) Maybe I need more water too? Maybe I need to be patient? Can you guys help me with my meals?? Thanks, here’s yesterday: Meal #1 -Banana with almond butter -2 beef compliant hot dogs with mustard and pickles -A handful of olives -An orange And A mango Meal #2 -Watermelon -Mango Meal #3 -Bang bang shrimp -Avocado Meal #4 -crab cake -sweet potato chips and guacamole -mango
  10. I’m not sure what’s wrong- but you should definitely continue! I’ve tried to do the whole 30 about 20 times and never get farther than day 19. Right now I’m doing a whole46 because people preparing food don’t understand this program. Keep going!!!! Maybe reintruction will reveal something to you?
  11. I asked and they said no! It was smoked turkey made there
  12. I was THAT person. Ate at Tijuana flats taco chain for dinner. Spent 15 minutes ordering and ended up with my plain tomato and onion salad. When it came with cheese, I tried to pick the tiny shredded pieces off..but Hello?! So I sent it back! I’ve never sent food back in my life. The new salad was cheese-less, but had pieces of chipotle glazed chicken. Oh well! Those were easy to eat around. Eating out is such a hassle!
  13. Thank you! I don’t know why it feels weird telling people. Like they’d judge me or something for being healthy. But a lot of times, when you tell people you’re on a diet they say- oh come on, this one time won’t hurt!