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  1. I’m not sure what’s wrong- but you should definitely continue! I’ve tried to do the whole 30 about 20 times and never get farther than day 19. Right now I’m doing a whole46 because people preparing food don’t understand this program. Keep going!!!! Maybe reintruction will reveal something to you?
  2. I asked and they said no! It was smoked turkey made there
  3. I was THAT person. Ate at Tijuana flats taco chain for dinner. Spent 15 minutes ordering and ended up with my plain tomato and onion salad. When it came with cheese, I tried to pick the tiny shredded pieces off..but Hello?! So I sent it back! I’ve never sent food back in my life. The new salad was cheese-less, but had pieces of chipotle glazed chicken. Oh well! Those were easy to eat around. Eating out is such a hassle!
  4. And the turkey was okay?!
  5. Thank you! I don’t know why it feels weird telling people. Like they’d judge me or something for being healthy. But a lot of times, when you tell people you’re on a diet they say- oh come on, this one time won’t hurt!
  6. I ate smoked turkey from the bbq joint 4 rivers tonight. They said they don’t use butter or sugar, but I still feel like I did something bad Also, my friend took me to 4 rivers for my first time there because it is his favorite place to eat, he wanted me to try it, he was buying and was talking up how great the food was. And I had to sit there in front of all the servers and him and only order smoked turkey with no sides! My little tray looked so sad, the employees at 4 rivers think I’m high maintenance and my friend was nice about it but I feel so bad... TELL ME ITS WORTH IT!
  7. MissHLG


    Sorry- in my joy I forgot to list the label
  8. Guys, I was shopping at whole foods tonight and stumbled upon sugar-free whole 30 compliant mayonnaise and sugar free whole 30 compliant turkey hotdogs. This is amazing! No one in my life understand what a find a this is. I’m not the type to make my own mayonnaise so I’m very excited to have it in my diet. Just wanted to share. Little expensive, but totally worth it!!
  9. MissHLG

    How bad is it if...

    I was afraid of that science-y problem. Think I’ll add on a few extra days and then start from day one one again in March after a vacation planned in the bahamas
  10. MissHLG

    How bad is it if...

    I’m on day 13 with no slip ups
  11. MissHLG

    How bad is it if...

    But that article is about if you meant to go off. I didn’t mean to- I ate deviled eggs cause I eat them at home all the time. Just curious how much non-compliance sets your body back
  12. I just ate a deviled egg slice from the Fresh Market grocery store. As soon as I began chewing- I knew something was wrong. Too sweet! Turns out they made theirs with sugar. how bad is it I ate that?! and on that note.. how bad is it to have something sneaky slip in without you knowing like soy bean oil, vegetable oil or butter?!
  13. MissHLG

    Day 6, work is the enemy!

    Thank you guys so much for the support. This guy is an ass! And Work is stressful - but you’re right, food won’t fix any of that. I didn’t even realize how emotional an issue this was for me until I wrote it down. And thinking about how food won’t make it any better, on the surface level I know that; but sometimes in the moment it seems like it will. thanks team, I’m over packing my lunch today!
  14. Hi all, Just finished day 6 and am feeling really good. This is my 4th time starting the Whole30. I’ve never finished! The longest I’ve gone is 19 days. My problem is my work. I work in a stressful environment where I’m usually working until midnight. And one of my coworkers is really mean and only seems to be nice to me when I accept his offers of chocolate or nachos or gum.. Im nervous because I may have to work with him again soon. I know he can’t force me to eat, but how can I successfully decline and not let my stressful, late night schedule ruin my eating plan?!? (I always pack lunch)