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  1. What is the proper way to prepare legumes?
  2. MissHLG

    “Food freedom” vegan info

    Audible doesn’t have section headers, so I’ll just start at the beginning
  3. MissHLG

    “Food freedom” vegan info

    And just to confirm, it’s the book: “food freedom forever” by Melissa ?
  4. Can someone please tell me where in Food Freedom I can find the information for vegans? everyone keeps saying PAGE 50! But I have it on audible so that doesn’t help ☺️
  5. MissHLG

    Could I be sensitive to dairy?

    But there was sugar involved too, so I didn’t know if sugar did that
  6. MissHLG

    Could I be sensitive to dairy?

    Before and after dairy
  7. MissHLG

    Could I be sensitive to dairy?

    Or is it totally random??
  8. I reintroduced dairy on Friday. The next morning I woke up with energy, feeling great, and lost a pound. I thought maybe my body actually missed dairy! But today- couldn’t sleep last night, feeling tired, my face is swollen with some rosacea returning and I gained a pound. my question is: if I was sensitive to dairy, why didn’t the reactions happen the next day. Or does it sometimes take 2 days to see those results. Yesterday and today I’m back on whole 30
  9. MissHLG

    Non- gluten grains

    Corn really upsets my stomach anyway, so I wasn’t going to re-introduce
  10. MissHLG

    Non- gluten grains

    I got oatmeal for the morning, white rice, and then I found gluten free pasta for night. The oatmeal and pasta have added sugar in them... Little worried about that.
  11. MissHLG

    Non- gluten grains

    Can I do a gluten free whole wheat type of pasta on this day? I don’t like bread, and don’t trust myself with a bag of corn chips
  12. MissHLG

    Day 28 - tired all the time

    Of course! Veggies. I had been focusing so much on Fat for fuel I completely forgot. Do you know where I can find the meal template?
  13. I’m on day 28 of 46 and I think I’m actually more tired than when I started the whole 30?! But I know it’s my own fault. Mango is in season so I stock up, but I think it’s become SWPO? Not sure I’m eating enough fat. I know I’m not eating enough food, but I both do not have a huge appetite and cannot cook fast enough to have enough for 4 meals. (I meal prepped for 3 hours last night!! And have several more hours ahead of me today!) Maybe I need more water too? Maybe I need to be patient? Can you guys help me with my meals?? Thanks, here’s yesterday: Meal #1 -Banana with almond butter -2 beef compliant hot dogs with mustard and pickles -A handful of olives -An orange And A mango Meal #2 -Watermelon -Mango Meal #3 -Bang bang shrimp -Avocado Meal #4 -crab cake -sweet potato chips and guacamole -mango
  14. I’m not sure what’s wrong- but you should definitely continue! I’ve tried to do the whole 30 about 20 times and never get farther than day 19. Right now I’m doing a whole46 because people preparing food don’t understand this program. Keep going!!!! Maybe reintruction will reveal something to you?