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    Hi there. Good for you on doing the research and planning for your next 30 days food experiment. I´d say don´t worry about it too very much and keep it simple till you´re ready for a little more adventure in the kitchen. I like cooking ( although I do sometimes get a bit fed of of being in the kitchen LOL ) but I am away from home all day so I tend to batch cook and freeze. A slow cooker is a great help, even for popping in a couple of sweet potatoes so they are ready when you get home from work or get up in the morning. I´ve done quite a few roasts, pulled pork etc. Enough veg in the steamer to last me a few meals and maybe some sauces / dressings such as salsa or mayo to liven up the dish. If you find your self having the headaches, bloating, gasses and tiredness at the beginning, hang on in there. It´s worth it. I had all that and didn´t start to feel really good till a few days ago ( I´m on day 25) although I haven´t had much problem with cravings or hunger all through it. This is my third attempt with a long long time in-between and many different forms of eating. I can say now that this way of eating seems to be what suits me best. I think maybe the first time I concentrated too much on the protein aspect and ended up very sick of meat and fish. I´ve done it differently this time and although I am eating meat and fish it´s in smaller amounts whilst eating more veg and although not a lot of fruit more than I normally do. I feel I am learning a lot about my body and relationship with food. It´s about time I can tell you. ! I´ve been trying to get it sorted for way too many years. LOl I wish you a great 30 days and that you´ll be feeling great very soon. xx