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  1. Thanks Berry Straw for the reply. I am going to look into the AIP as well. My thyroid #'s are very well managed but they have to keep my levels very suppressed because of the previous 2 times of cancer. So, I can't take thyroid meds to keep me at normal thyroid levels. I basically have no metabolism.
  2. This is wonderful info Shannon and thank you for sending. Will definitely read up on it. Here is what I know for sure I am allergic to: mild allergy to plums and egg whites; medium allergy to brewer's yeast, baker's yeast, candida yeast, and cane sugar, high allergy to whey. I'm 46 and have had a hysterectomy 4 years ago due to severe endometriosis with a lot of endometrial scarring in rectal area which I think has something to do with digestive issues as well. Not discounting the fact that digestive issues could be running in conjunction with some food issues and endometriosis. Also now wondering after reading the blog post you suggested with FODMAP and fructose how that would play in conjunction with my allergy to cane sugar. Lots to think about. And maybe since I have no thyroid or metabolism what 96% of people may see in one 30 day iteration of Whole30 might just take me Whole300!
  3. Anyone out here who has done Whole30 that has no thyroid? I have no thyroid due to thyroid cancer and curious about others like me that have done it and their results/follow-up. I finished mine 2 days ago. I lost 0 lbs. My brother did it with me and lost 25 lbs and my husband lost 15 lbs. I feel no different at all. Was hoping it would help with energy and digestive issues. If anything my digestive issues got worse and spent quality time on toilet. Need to further figure that out. I'm pretty in tune with my body. I know Whole30 is good. But what about for people like me? Does it tend to affect us differently? Maybe it takes longer? I'm on thyroid meds to keep my levels suppressed so cancer doesn't come back. My 1st cancer was at age of 23 and had partial thyroidectomy. It came back anyway 12 years later and so then I had the rest taken out. Gained about 50 lbs with each removal. I'd love to lose 120lbs. Currently 5'4" and 250 lbs. I'd pretty much been eating about 80% paleo before Whole30. I'll continue on with Whole30 and may cheat every now and then with something but just curious about how it went with others like me.