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    food dreams

    I had the craziest dream last night! What really happened: I got a phone call at 5am to say I didn't have to come to work because of low census. Awesome! I could go back to sleep for the impending Snowmaggedon. Dream: Went into work even though I was called off, then couldn't find my way out of the hospital. Lots of corridors later, I bump into MELISSA HARTWIG who is there to give me a consultation. We go into a library. We have our consultation and she tells me lots of things that are wrong with my diet. She starts eating a bowl of white rice and carrots (!) and tells me it is just fine to eat that. I'm feeling guilty for not eating the right things. She leaves our area and I lose her yoga mat in a river going down the middle of the street next to the library, which is all actually a hospital hallway. Then I am scared she will be mad that I lost her yoga mat, and I run down the street, which becomes a regular hallway, and I become naked.....and have to hide in a bathroom so no one will see me. Bwaaa haa haa! Now that was a DREAM! Note to self: Do not watch Hartwig videos before going to bed.