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  1. Lazerlove,I realize I'm a bit late responding to this, but I am also pescatarian and have completed two rounds of whole30. Around week two my first time I was week, light headed, had splitting head aches, and very lethargic/unfocused. I drastically increased my consumption of potatoes and spinach (similar leafy greens high in iron) as my carnivorous family suggested. It made all the difference. I basically incorporated potatoes of some form into every meal, and my lunches consisted of many varieties of spinach salads. Not only did I feel more like myself but my workout performances began to noticeably increase in speed and stamina. Hope this helps!
  2. rnicole3

    Do compliant meat substitutes exist?

    Having done Whole30 twice as a pescatarian (leaving me eggs and fish), I'm proof that it is 100% doable! Yes you will get tired of the same old sea food, so I had to take extra measure to mix it up, which was easy to do with the whole30 cookbooks. I also learned through trial and error, especially when working out, that I required more potatoes and spinach than my fellow carnivores also doing whole30. If you are trying to do it without eating seafood I would suggest substituting a lot of eggs, potatoes and spinach, or similar leafy greens. It won't be exactly whole30 as you won't have any lean protein, but it'll get you through. Good luck!