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  1. smiling_yogi

    Modified elimination diet

    Thank you - I'll definitely check out some AIP recipes!
  2. My doctor recommended I do a modified elimination diet based on my food allergy testing, including cutting out wheat, dairy, and some other foods (eggs, coconut, and squash all made the list, unfortunately). I did my first whole 30 this past March and was thinking of doing another anyway since my habits have slipped big-time. My question is, would it be ill-advised to do one at the same time as I eliminate other things based on my doctor's recommendations? It would be more restrictive and I'd have to get more creative (remember when I mentioned no eggs?). I'd likely do a longer re-introduction as well. Any input is welcome, thanks!
  3. smiling_yogi

    Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    I love the idea of the presents, @Amy Rose! I’ve been trying to think of ways to treat myself that don’t involve buying something as I’m trying to be frugal (other than doing whole30!). Usually would treat myself with wine but obviously that’s out! The only thing I can really think of is some yin or restorative yoga but if anyone has other ideas I’d love to hear them! ☺️ Hope you are all doing amazing with your whole30
  4. smiling_yogi

    Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    Day 6 and feeling awesome ladies just had brunch- coffee with coconut milk and vanilla bean ghee, tuna salad w/arugula, walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette, and pomegranate seeds! So yummy
  5. smiling_yogi

    Savory waffles - SWYPO?

    Although I wish the answer were different, I appreciate the straightforwardness! Thanks @SugarcubeOD
  6. smiling_yogi

    Savory waffles - SWYPO?

    Hey, I’m wondering if savory waffles (sweet potato, coconut flour) are considered SWYPO? I’ve made them a couple times and they’re super yummy but since they are savory, I don’t feel I would overeat them like sweet waffles and I’m not using them as a stand-in for them. Usually serve them with an egg or two, avocado, and greens. Mods, yea or nay on this meal? Thanks in advance
  7. smiling_yogi

    Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    I started yesterday too! Doing awesome so far- did kind of a “test run” last week by making lots of compliant recipes I planned to eat this week. Go us!!
  8. smiling_yogi

    Early morning workout foods

    I am wondering how everyone does their eating after working out first thing in the AM. I usually get up around 4-4:15, I’ll have 2 hard-boiled eggs before working out (yoga, running, strength training) then some tuna or meat snacks after for protein. My question is, since fats aren’t recommended post-workout, how long should I wait before eating breakfast or having coffee? I usually do coconut milk, collagen peptides, and ghee in my coffee. Even if you don’t know the answer to that question, I’d love to hear folks weigh in on what they’re eating for morning workouts. Thanks in advance!
  9. smiling_yogi

    Picking a start date

    This may seem like a silly question, but I am planning to start Whole30 and was initially planning to start March 1. Then I realized, March 1 is a Thursday - for the sake of simplicity, should I start on a Sunday or Monday (i.e. February 25 or 26) so my whole week is Whole30? Or should I stick with the "neat"-ness of having March 1-March 30 as my Whole30? Thanks in advance!