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  1. Holiday

    Packing Lunches

    I pack a salad for lunch every single day~ mostly add chicken but mix it up with salmon and hard boiled egg sometimes. Was looking for something new. The spicy tuna cakes from the nom nom paleo site ^ look good. I also saw romain lettuce tuna boats that looked good. If you have microwave access you could bring any leftovers (stuffed bell peppers or chili?)
  2. Holiday

    Brand New- Starting 2/19/18

    Day 10 and I'm already thinking maybe I'll do whole 60 or 90.... I'm loving it. I feel great, my clothes fit the way I want, my energy is where I'd like it. I bought the whole30 book and day by day (on Sunday) and know that rocky days are (likely) on their way, but I'm feeling great! hope everyone is feeling strong
  3. Holiday

    Tell me about Nutritional Yeast

    I love nutritional yeast and brewers yeast to add flavor and B vitamins. I sprinkle on salads, soups, stirfrys... most foods. Paired with garlic salt is my favorite. I was curious if they were whole30 compliant which is why I pulled up this thread
  4. Holiday

    Brand New- Starting 2/19/18

    Thank you @ladyshanny, after doing more research on the template I realized I was eating less than 1/3 of the recommended protein which explains my need for more frequent meals. I also run at least 5 miles a day and do strength and saw that there's recommendation for pre/post workout snacks as well. Yesterday was easy to not eat between breakfast and lunch but definitely needed something between lunch and dinner since I eat lunch around noon and dinner at 7:30~ was able to make my workout snack fit in to this time frame which worked well. Still on the fence about going against my health care worker's recommendation, but am intrigued. Thanks for your response
  5. Holiday

    Brand New- Starting 2/19/18

    If I don't have a snack, I get nausea between meals. I really want to quit my snacks bc I fully agree that it's best for digestion, but not sure how. I do a mid morning snack and a mid afternoon snack. I also have adrenal fatigue and my health care worker wants me to eat every 2 hours. I'm curious if this will change with whole30.
  6. Holiday

    Starting today on 2/19

    Yay! I started yesterday also~ I'm really excited!
  7. Holiday

    Brand New- Starting 2/19/18

    Today I made an egg and veggie scramble with a couple of mini potatoes~ served with a bed of micrgreens/salsa/avocado. mid morning snack: sliced veggies with my favorite (compliant) green goddess dressing and a handful of almonds. lunch:big salad topped with salmon leftover from last night. afternoon snack:green apple slices with almond butter dinner:chicken served with cauliflower rice and a salad last night I snacked on a handful of raisins/dried coconut/cashews~ going to work on not making a habit out of the evening snack since I wasn't hungry at all from dinner. Normally I have tea with a drop of stevia at night, so will have to try tea without the drop
  8. Holiday

    Brand New- Starting 2/19/18

    I'm starting today for the first time and pretty sad about not having my spry (xylitol) gum! That might be my biggest challenge, lol.
  9. Holiday

    New Whole 30-ers starting today, 2/19

    Hi! I'm starting my first whole30 today and am super excited about it! Whole30 isn't huge change from my regular diet, but want to stop my occasional treats (mostly going out for tacos or munching on tortilla chips~ corn is my big treat food!). I have 3 kids~ one is gluten free, one is vegetarian, and one just turned 4 so has his own preferences~ basically I'll be cooking 4 separate meals, lol
  10. Hi everyone! I started my first whole30 today. To be honest, the majority of my regular diet is already whole30, but there's definitely some things to get used to and I'd love a group to check in with! I'm super excited to start this!