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  1. Thank you! @Liesje @MeatEaterYogi @MeatEaterYogi I am also in need of losing weight, but I'm trying to focus on my diet and health first so I am with you, I also had a hard time with portion size but a couple months ago I decided to slowly cut down my portions and not go back for seconds that was a big thing also. After a few weeks of doing so I tend to get full faster and My portion control has slowly become controlled. I have noticed with a lot of people who have shared meals they eat morning, lunch and dinner that every ones portion is always different. So you eat what you think is enough for you, It never hurts to slowly cut down the portions though. I think that my hardest thing for this will be actually eating breakfast, I love breakfast food but I have never been a huge breakfast eater. So that will be a huge change for me.
  2. Good Afternoon, I completely understand the friend thing. I am sure my friends are tired of me talking about it lol. I am not starting the 30 until March 1st, But I would love to follow with you and see how it is doing for you. I am also new at this so having people who have done this and support is always nice. I am always open for suggestions and advice. Hope your day is going well.