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  1. AndrewsLynn9

    Freedom at Last!

    Happy Tuesday! I’m now 30+ days post-Whole 30 and I literally do not think I have ever felt better. I mean, I am still carrying an extra 25-30 pounds that are slowly coming off, but I KNOW my body is getting healthier by the day. I learned that most dairy and gluten is not what my body needs, and have really only added grains sporadically. My sugar addiction is so far gone that I’ve stuck to black coffee! I’ve learned that reading labels doesn’t take that long, and saves me from mindless consumption. My entire relationship with food has changed, and I finally understand how freeing it is. In the past two weeks, I have traveled one weekend, went to a Major League Baseball game, ran a 5K, attended our oldest daughter’s wedding. I decided nachos were worth it at the game, and chose real food the rest of the time. I’ve loosened the strict Whole 30 rules, but not much. I just feel so much better eating this way. I didn’t do my Whole 30 to lose weight, but I have lost it steadily. I’m running, y’all. Running! I am so incredibly thankful for this program, the vast amount of information and support here and in the wide network of fellow freedom seekers. It sounds like an exaggeration, but this has saved me - saved me from myself, saved me from the rollercoaster dieting, saved me from the frustration of chasing one fad after another (shakes, pills, points, etc). i will be 50 in about a year and a half, and it feels good to just know that I will be the healthiest me at that age instead of where I was headed.
  2. AndrewsLynn9

    Lynn's Reintroducing!

    Well of course I've not been good about checking in here during my reintroduction, but it's been going really well. I next introduced non-gluten grains. I had rice and corn. I think corn is pretty much not going to be included in my diet for the most part. I suspected that before the Whole30, but the reintroduction, but this confirmed it. I can see having some at the movies, but not in the amounts I used to. Popcorn was really a go-to snack for me before, but oh my no. Not any more. Yesterday I reintroduced dairy - had greek yogurt, some mozzerella cheese in my entree, and some strawberry ice cream. I haven't noticed any changes, so I will continue to have it in moderation. I had already switched to almond milk a while ago when I needed a replacement, and I didn't eat a lot of cheese due to migraine issues anyway. So, the occasional yogurt will be available, on it's own or in recipes.In a few days I will reintroduce gluten, even though i suspect I won't be having much of it in my forever nutrition plans. I don't even miss bread, honestly, but i look forward to seeing what pasta does to me. I'll have to explore gluten free options in that regard as well. I do like spaghetti squash as a replacement, but it's not the same. I will also be spiralizing some zucchini to see if I can hone my skills there Today I went to a bridal shower and for once in my life was able to just enjoy it. I ate lunch before I went, so I wasn't hungry. The cupcakes did look yummy, but were not enough of a draw to be too tempted by them. I had a cup of champagne punch and drank water the rest of the time. No one noticed or cared, go figure! Everyone encouraged me to eat, but quickly moved on when I said I had already eaten. There were veggies and fruit available if I had been hungry, but I wasn't, so it was fine. Freedom - the word truly explains the feeling!!!
  3. AndrewsLynn9

    Lynn's Reintroducing!

    I had veggies and hummus for a yummy snack yesterday, as well as an apple with peanut butter as part of my lunch. I honestly didn't notice any change in my digestion, energy, sleep, etc, so yay! It's only been a day, but thankful that legumes are a successful reintroduction and will continue to be a part of my life. Now, the fact that peanut butter on BREAD was always my fall back quick lunch when nothing else was around, it will be consumed differently than it used to be. But I do love it, and am glad it will be around
  4. AndrewsLynn9

    Lynn's Reintroducing!

    I finished my first Whole30 yesterday! Yay me! I feel INCREDIBLE and I do not want to ever not feel this way I've been strongly cautioned by friends who have NOT reintroduced successfully to take the reintroduction as seriously as I did the Whole30. So, towards the end, I was totally leaning towards a slow roll and not reintroducing much. But, since this is my first Whole30, I've decided to to the structured reintro plan as recommended. Meal plans written this morning with all this in mind and I am starting with legumes, because honestly I've missed them more than anything! Hummus! Peanut butter! Ah, I cannot wait. I plan to relish them and pray they don't affect me in a negative way I'm planning our traditional Easter family feast for tomorrow, and I'll just not be partaking in all of it, and making the regular items that I DO want in a Whole30 compliant manner. I think mostly no one will notice, and I won't even miss the bread because I'm kinda over it. Bread (and glutens in general) are a long way off and will probably be used sparingly in my future anyway. I will probably still not get Easter candy, not because of fear, but because I know that sugar is never going to be my friend again. I know someday there will be a treat that I will make the decision to deem it worthy, but the days of bowls of candy sitting in my home are over. It was always "for the kids" or "for the husband" anyway, but I didn't just leave it for them! And they don't need it either!!!! ARGH. Lessons learned of course. I am mostly looking forward to the dairy reintroduction, simply because I am interested in the affects I will we watching for. Thank you all for sharing your wisdom with us newbies, I appreciate it so much!
  5. AndrewsLynn9

    Headache a day after trying aspartame?

    Aspartame is a known migraine trigger of mine and many friends I know. I learned this the hard way long before the Whole30. Definitely need a clean test to be sure that's what caused yours of course. Good luck, headaches are no fun.
  6. AndrewsLynn9


    Hi Liz! Things are going really well, actually. Much better than I could have hoped.
  7. AndrewsLynn9

    March Whole30

    I started today as well! Let’s do this
  8. AndrewsLynn9


    Hi all! Lynn here from TN. Day 1 of my first Whoke30 and I’ve just eaten my first breakfast in maybe years? I’m so full! LOL. So excited to finally be getting started. Lunch and dinner already prepped and packed because I bowl on Thursdays after work and let’s just say there isn’t much I could eat at the alley. Looking forward to getting to know now my fellow travelers! We got this!